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  • your favorite outfit

    ladies, lets hear about your favorite dance outfit. It could be from when you were a child to the one you made last week. The one that made you feel pretty, special or anything. Lets hear about those special clothes :)
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    My black and lime ribbonwork with my butterfly beadwork from 3 years ago. My most favorite outfit of all time. It just flowed, for some reason. I pulled it out this past Red Earth, it was like retrieving something out of the archives that's how hard it was to find it, and it still felt good dancing in it. It was my dad's favorite outfit. When my dad passed away, I gave all my Sac&Fox ribbonwork away, and for some reason...that one was overlooked. It was put away somewhere at my parent's house. I thought about for a long time and then finally had my mom look for it and we finally found it. Drycleaned it and it was like new. Not as flashy as some of my stuff, but good color combinations and the shawl and skirt move just right. Does that sound fanatical? It kind of is, but when you wear alot of dresses, you know what feels right and flows good with your dancing. And makes you feel good about your dancing. I dont' know if it can be replicated. The spirit of that particular dress is just good. I believe all of your regalia is special and that it represents yourself, your family and most of all your elders(those who prepared you for the arena), and when you put these things are special.
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      I would have to say that my favorite outfit(s) would have to be when I was Princess and I had new clothes made for me for that year. I had so much fun and I loved wearing the banner and crown. It was great being able to parade in at the front of the line too. It was just a fun time and I enjoyed it and was so happy to be chosen to represent my tribe. My colors were black and turquoise, so I had lots of turquoise shirts made to wear along with the banner and shawl. It was a fun time!

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        I would have to say my favorite one was my first one I made. Would have done things different now.. but that isn't the point. I remember the first time I went in grand entry in it. I was so proud and tears welled up.. just to be a part of the whole circle.

        My next favorite one will be the next one I make. It will mean my return to the circle. Hopefully that would be as early as next year but am at least looking to the year after. It will definitely be the sweet ending to a long absence. :)
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          I know it's a cloth thread, but my fave outfit to wear is my mom's buckskin. She has passed it down to me. She made it when she was younger and it is now 40 years old. It's in great shape. It was white when new, but now has turned a beautiful creamy color. My mom and grandma made it, so I just feel alot of pride when I wear it. It's not flashy, but I love the old style and the way it looks.


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            Favorite outfit

            gosh i hate to sound like a fan: but that Buffy has some nice outfits both contemporary and tradish


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              One of my favorites is my red and blue broadcloth skirt - given to me in Texas by a relative of my husband. The front panel is beaded and totally awesome! I carry a shawl that belonged to my late mother in law with the baddest fringe I hae ever seen!

              My other favorite is a red Kickapoo dress with silver broaches on it. I was dressed by my Aunt and adopted dad a few years ago in this dress in McLoud, OK. They also gave me a silver broach that belonged to their mother.


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                my fave...

                has got to be the latest one I made: black and gold with butterflies and flowers. Put lots of time into the outfit.... I feel really pretty wearing it. Have new beadwork too.... 'nuf said!
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