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    I went to a powwow recently which there was not many people from my tribe. I was wearing my tradtional cherokee dress, which delta henry finally finished it and its really pretty. WEll lets just say i got some really nasty looks from some people which really made me mad. I mean god its like there telling me i don't belong here or something when i am just as native as they are. UGH!!

    But besides that i am doing really good. Its nice to see that this board has really picked up. I can't wait to go back up to the reservation to see some friends
    well gotta go

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    What powwow was this? I think that when people stare you up and down or give you dirty looks, its because they're jealous. Thats just my opinion. Just ignore it. They're the ones who look stupid.


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      Hey ayita,
      Sorry about the stares, just rememeber that not everywhere you go is not like this.
      Your indian and proud and wearing your traditional dress, we may not have many things left to us but we have our pride and you certainly are a proud girl.
      Hope school is going well, see you on the trail. Keep it up
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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