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    In Oklahoma and Texas most contestants know that the unspoken rule is no banners while contesting. As for most of the young ladies wearing crowns during contest - that's fine, just no banner. A crown becomes part of a young ladies regalia. My daughter has more than one, the first given when she was princess for a local organization, served also for a second group but has returned that one when her reighn ended. The first was her's to keep. Since that time we have made 2 more.

    She wears the crown during contest - but not always- has gotten to point of wearing drop feathers - not heavy or tight. She never wore a banner while contesting. Only during grand entry and remainder of program.

    Never heard of committee asking to remove crowns - only banners.


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      I was taught that only women that had a princess title could wear a crown...or even a former princess...but now days i have seen some that never had a title and still wear a crown...

      when should this be handled?????

      Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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        Wouldn't consider it while judging - doesn't matter if she is or was a princess or not. Doesn't have any bearing in my opinion would be considered part of her regalia just like fan, purse or shawl. When judging I look for dance ability. Don't care who they are - just ability to dance with poise, knowledge of song, IN STEP IS A MUST, and confidence. Glitz doesn't get it in my books, I was asked to judge your dancing ability.



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          Several of the contest dances that I have been to in OK have asked the royalty to remove their crowns and sashes when contesting. Unless they were really secure, you might risk loosing it during those big dips!


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