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  • Hairpiece Question for you Ladys

    I just recently got married and I want to start doing beadwork for my wife now. The first thing I want to bead is her hair piece for her Plumes. She has short hair, just below her ears, so I'm sure that thepiece should be smaler than most but how small. I have never done any beadwork for women and she dosen't bead at all.

    COuld you experianced ladys help me out? Give me some dementions and shaps what would be apropriate. Thank you in advance.

    Michael MedicineBear Mayo
    ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~

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    Hair piece? Sorry! I thought you said herpes. Jus kiddin!

    No, I don't have herpes. I'm just having fun with the wording.:D
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      Ohh...Umm....OK...thanks, I guess.....

      I guess at least you didn't say "Her Pees" what a horrable name that would be.....

      BUt I digress...

      all responces welcome...

      Michael MedicineBear Mayo
      ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~


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        I have seen the big barrettes. Could also try the ones that have the long peg to keep the barrette on. May have to use a few bobby pins or braid a little piece like you all do for the roach.
        I'll see what I have at home. Stay tuned for a few recipes in pm.


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          I think it is a matter of personal taste. Big is pretty but sometimes can be too much. Then you gotta decide are the plumes upright or do they hang off to the side.

          I don't have any ideas about the braided thing.


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            The plumes will be upright i'm sure...They are smaller than most but still a good size. They are about 5in long, tip to quill. Is that too short for upright...Once again this is new to me....thanks to all you ladys that are taking time with me.

            Michael MedicineBear Mayo
            ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~


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              When I refer to big, I mean just not the two baby ones. I mean one that has a ful rosette in the middle and a half one on each side. If her hair is long from the scalp to the ear, perhaps she could make a small french braid to attach the plumes to and add the barette for extra. I have seen them attach the plume and put two of the smaller straight barrettes on to help hold them up.


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                hair piece

                If my hair was that short I would make a crown and attatch a rosette in the back so that it looks like there is a barrette and just put the plume on that? Do you know what Im talking about or did I just confuse you more?
                For every no good woman there is a no good careful


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                  I did not think to ask. What tribe or type of outfit is she trying for? It may stir an idea in the brain.


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                    Thanks for asking...I didn't think about stating that. We are a cherokee cuple, eastern band...but she didn't grow in the pow-wow scean...I I have only been dancing since 1994. She will be wearing a Tear Dress of course.

                    Thankyou for all the help so far...

                    Michael MedicineBear Mayo
                    ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~


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                      Thanks because everything I offered is for the southern plains.
                      Will see what I can find on Cherokee.


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                        As somone with shorter hair, I can testify that larger barrettes dont stay in all that well, unless you have really thick hair! Even braided, mine tend to slide out. I have switched to a side plum with smaller barrettes. Maybe your wife will have better luck!


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                          could you tell me what size and shape your barrettes are and where at you wear them...also where you attach the plumes...

                          Michael MedicineBear Mayo
                          ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~


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                            my barrettes are about 1 1/2 inches, and rectangular. They are loom beaded. I wear them on each side, where my head is roundest, above my ears, and I wear my plume on my left side.
                            If I had longer hair I MIGHT be able to keep larger barrettes in, but my hair is really fine. I've lost some nice ones that way! Hope that helped some ;)


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                              For what it's worth, catsmeow has a good idea. Big barrettes are hard to keep up with, they can be heavy. I've seen women with short hair, in barettes on either side of the head with plumes attached and think it is very nice looking. But to each their own.


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