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how do u make a southern cloth dress?

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  • how do u make a southern cloth dress?

    Hi everyone its me Ayita! Ya'll all know i dance with my tear dress but i was wandering how do u make like the ponca style or like the one where u have a shirt and a skirt and stuff like that. I only know about tear dresses so you know all this stuff as to confuse the hec out of me!


    p.s i am running 4 Jr Miss. Metis Nation

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    You have the Ponca, Osage, Pawnee that have ribbonwork on the skirt. At one time it used to be that by the placement of the ribbon strip, you had a very good idea which tribe but not anymore. Sorry I forgot Sac and Faux(spelling?) The shirt is a ribbon shirt just like the men where. Or it has a sailor collar on the back.


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      There is a definite difference in the ribbonwork styles and placement in Southern Cloth. The trick is knowing what style you are wearing. As for the blouse, there are also different styles and variations with that as well. The Ponca wear a collar on the back and straight cuffs, if memory serves me. Most are not made like a man's ribbonshirt the neck and sleeves are different.

      If you normally wear Cherokee style dress -- why change? If you are that tribe - dress that tribe - that's who you are. Don't want to offend just wonder why everyone wants to wear everyone elses clothing styles!!

      Wouldn't think about putting my family in clothes that they don't have permission to wear. Just my opinion:Thinking


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