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  • Why?

    Why do you dance FAncy Shawl? What is it about this dance style that you prefer over the others styles?
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    Because you are free to do what you want. You can do something that is really hard and catch the judges eye. You can make up totally new moves and not be restricted. I love to fancy shawl.
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      It's the Greatest

      I like to fancy shawl dance, because it's a great way to Express yourself. You not restricted to either not jumping around or not being able to kick around. I like it because of the attention it recieves...It's just like the Mens Fancy Bustle, we put on a great show, you get to show how agile, fast, and intricate you can be, all while being Graceful. And besides I get a great feeling of Pride when i dance...because my mom used to be a Champion Fancy Dancer back in the day, and it's just like im carrying on for her. Fancy Shawl dancing is the best, I wouldn't want to do anything else.


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        Why do you Love Being a Fancy Shawl Dancer?

        Myself, I like the energy of it and how you get to be flashy and kick it up!!
        What about you?
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