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So, how can I learn to dance?

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  • So, how can I learn to dance?

    Short and quick?.....No actually I am tall and quick...All the same, I welcome questions.
    But, today, it is hard to go into detail...time is always ticking, when you have one foot on the earth and the other on the concrete.

    I am new to the Houston Texas area and I don't care where I have to travel to.....I want to be dancing by the end of summer.
    I mean....really dancing.
    I am of mixed blood...but, aren't we all?if we're all related....I suppose the best label I can choose is "Black Indian"......that's me.
    But, I've no tribal affiliation on record, no proof, no how can I learn to dance? SUGGESTIONS?

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    The best thing I can say is to watch other fancy dancers. Get tapes too, like American Indain Dance Theatre, Gathering Of Nations tapes, some full circle. That's the best way to learn to dance. That's the way I learned how to dance when I was really little, I went and watched the older fancy dancers and the tapes and whatnot. It helps a lot.

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      She:kon Moonphasefull, there's many Black Indians in the world, some quite famous. If your a Fashion fiend may I suggest the clothing line by African American/Cherokee Designer Derek Green of NYC(YES he's a friend of mine)

      Here in NY, Cliff Mathias(sp?) and the Red Hawk Dancers teach tho I believe only children but might have faulty memory on that point. you might have a gander at their web page at tho might be .org I always forget.

      When my daughters get a tad older I'm going to get them over to their to learn. His group also puts on Pow Wows in the Tri stae NY area

      Good luck on your path

      O:nen Ki' Wahi'
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        something I forgot to put on here...If you want to be dancing really well by that time, you'll need to practice a lot! It never hurts to practice. I still practice almost every day when I can now.

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          If you are not yet physically fit, you will need to get into shape as shawl dancing is strenuous and requires endurance. And its much easier to concentrate on your dancing when you don't have to worry about whether you'll make to the end of that last song! Have fun!


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            Good advice Czechy! Nothing worse than running out of gas! Practice, Practice, Practice!!! Watch other dancers and tapes. You may want to tape some powwows you attend. But never steal someone elses moves. It's obvious when you do and you'll be counted down for it. One of the best ways to learn is to make friends with some other shawl dancers at powwows and dance intertribals with them. You'll pick up alot and get into shape!! Good luck!!!


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              Getting in Shape

              I started jogging a month back, along with yoga. I need to get my hands on some money so I can purchase the tapes you all mentioned!...
              Well, I have many things to get in order...:Scared

              In the meantime, I have learned of Joseph Rael=Beautiful Painted Arrow...he is a mystic and visionary of Southern Ute and Picaris Pueblo heritage.
              Is anyone familiar with Beautiful Painted Arrow?
              I am looking forward to learning what I may from him. Perhaps, there may be opportunities to dance in Sun-Moon dances....I'll be taking my time on that decision, as I take it very's a four-year commitment.
              Slow as she goes....steady ahead!:Wave
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                Why don't you check this guy out online????? It's rather easy. Here's a link.............


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                  Here's another...

                  I guess everyone has an opinion as what's the right way and the wrong way to learn how to dance. My opinion is you learn from your family, ie. Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncle, Grandparents, other tribe members. I know not everyone is not fortunate to learn this way, but ot me it's the right way. This is something that cannot be bottle up and sold.

                  Sorry, just my two cents.:36:


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                    Beautiful painted arrow???? Whatta?


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                      There are some powwow dancing videos out there. Whispering Wind sells 2 of them in their online store. They may seem very basic to the experienced dancer, but they explain more than just the dance steps...they tell about the rhythms, honor beats, pushups, etc.

                      Hey, I just found out that James Earl Jones is a black's a webstite for starters if ya wanna read about black indians...

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                        Thanks, everyone, for the information. :)

                        I appreciate the sharing of information. You did not have to care enough to take the time to respond....but, you did, and I thank you.

                        Also, I do research and take everything with a grain of salt...regarding Beautiful Painted Arrow.

                        I check references and try hard not to follow any herd-mentality. So, whomever crosses my path and offers to teach will be felt out and looked's a, your points are well taken.

                        Also, I would never try to "buy" culture. ...never. :(

                        I am merely making up for generations of disfunction in my family, which prevented my parents from handing down anything.
                        But, now that I have MY head on straight, I am breaking the cycle of ignorance by learning for myself. It feels akward at times to ask online those things I wish I could ask my family...but, I have no choice. My family is not chasing my dream,....I am.

                        Bill Miller has a song "different drum"..I surly applies to me.;)

                        My roots are traceable to Ndns.....and it has carried over to me, as it should. And, I am slowly learning my cultures......Ndns are part of it! So are several styles of African dance, which I've studied.....I'm learning all I can about the dances of my ancestors and bringing it forward to me and my sons, now.

                        You are very right to say that it is the best to have it handed down. That's what I plan to do for my sons.

                        Thanks again!



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                          My advice, just watch, learn and ask questions! Practice, and go to the gym, which is what I did today, got there and the personal trainer was sick

                          Oh well, there is another day right?

                          As for this fancy shawl business, I put in a powwow CD the other day, and tried the crowhop, god what fun I had!:) That was awesome! And I normally dance jingle....

                          What do you all think about that? have any of you out there change the style you dance? If you like, you can pm me, and we can discuss this further:)


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                            I didn't mean to say you could buy culture with the videos. I just feel they give you a great start, basic steps and such...even some helpful explanations and history.
                            After you get the basics, you can go from there!
                            Or was that the comment directed at the deleted post?
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