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Folding vs Single Fringe

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  • Folding vs Single Fringe

    :Chatter I have a couple of questions regarding shawl fringe

    1. Which looks better Fringe folded in half and sewn down with no liner on the inside of shawl or singe fringe side by side on both shawl and liner?

    2. What is scalloped edging on a shawl?
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    Singe fringe?

    "singe" men single, right?
    I think folded in half definitely gives a fuller look to fringe, as well as no more than 1/2" between fringe...a lot of work, but worth the effort.
    Believe it or not I didn't use a liner on my first shawl, but I also made it 60"x60", so a line would have served no purpose. Instead, I used a wide ribbon with a decorative stitch to cover where I had stitched on the fringe.
    Second time around...after making my first set, on my next set I am definitely going with a half-size shawl and lining...I like the two-tone effect, as well as versatility, because if done right you can reverse shawl.
    Also, scalloped edge...I believe this refers to the edge of the fabric. A straight edge would be cut straight across, whereas a scalloped edge would look like half circles along the edge, kind of like this ~ but repeated. I think it just refers to the possibility of scalloping or shaping the edge of the fabric to whatever you want, but scalloping is probably the most common. Also, the regalia for sale in a recent thread looks as though it used a scallop-like design on the edge, but with layering.
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      Folded. It's quicker to put your shawl together and it does give a fuller look. And its easier to keep the fringe even.Outtie:Angel2


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