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    Hello to all,

    I have been surfin' these boards for a while but never posted.

    I'm working on 2 fancy shawl outfits for my girls, ages7 and 4. I pretty much have the skirt, top, yoke, shawl and leggings figured out the only thing is I have no idea on how to make cloth mocs for them. They grew out of their beaded moc's from last year. Any info would be helpful.. I am lookin to finish them by May 11, 2002...

    Thanks :)

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    You can use the pattern of their old moc's to make the new ones. I don't know if you wanna undo one of hte old ones and then put it back together (undoing the seem I mean.) You would use cloth just like the yoke, leg.'s, and cape. You would cut out designs and use your wonderunder or heating bond to put the designs on your cloth and all. I use canvas for the undersiding to make it more sturdy. hope that helps.
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      Or you can extend their old one's by taking the seams out-the one's that are sewn to the soling. Then take out the seam that's at the very back of the moccasin, add a piece of bucksin in between to make it bigger. then just make the soling larger to fit. Then just sew the soling and bucksin back together. Walla moccasin's that fit! :D
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        One of my friends just made a jingle outfit for my daughter. And one of the things she made to go with the outfit was cloth moccasins. The mocs were cloth on the top, with applique work, and the bottoms were buckskin.

        My friend just traced my daughters foot. I assume that was for the buckskin bottom, and maybe also a template for the top part of the moc. But then she also used a measuring tape and took measurements across the top of the foot, then how high the mocs were going to go up toward my daughter's ankle.

        As far as how she cut the moccasins and put them together............I have no clue But they turned out really cool.

        Good luck! :)


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          Thanks for the tips, I never even thought of using the old moc's that is a great idea! Extending them sounds easy too. Not sure what I will do yet. This is the first time puttin' mocs together, hope I sew them together right.. :)

          Thanks again for the ideas.. If anyone has basic instructions on how to sew them together and with what , then I will be set. ;)


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