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  • Interested in Fancy Shawl Dancing

    Hello all, I am kinda new to this

    Ok here it goes, I was not raised traditional, and am slowly trying to adapt, and practice traditional ways. I would like to become a Fancy Shawl dancer, but I have no idea how to go about this. Any suggestions?

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    Watch videos of Fancy Shawlers, watch them at powwows, talk to some of them. Talk to other people who would know how to get started. Start thinking about the design you want for your outfit. You need to be sure that you are in shape before you start to dance it too.


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      Thanks, I dance other ways, and have watched a few dancers and kinda practiced, n stuff, i just dunno how to go about becomming one n stuff :) but thanks!!!

      I have talked to some friends and made a design and everything for my regalia


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        ohh ok:)

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          :) Well...if you need regalia you can make your own by talking to other dancers they can help tell you where to go to get ribbon or material what ever you need. If you don't want to make your own there are always people at powwows who make outfits you can ask a dancer who's outfit you really admire who made their outfit and maybe they can refer to someone. Outfits can be expensive though so don't be surprised about the cost. Umm.. I don't know if you already have plumes or if your goin to wear them, but you have to earn your plumes you can't just go out and buy them.
          Before you start dancing you need to have a give away. You can probably talk to some dancers or elders about how to go about it.
          Well I hope I have helped you in some way, I had lots of great help when I started so I hope that I can help you any way possible.
          any more questions just give a shout out:D

          so good luck;)


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            I had wanted to dance with plumes, but how do you go about earning them? Like i said I wasnt raised tradish so i dont know much, also what is a give away?
            I am making my regalia so i dont have to worry too much about that, thank you for your help, it means alot to me


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