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    Does anyone care to help out this young lady with all information on how to get off to a start in joing the pow wow circuit, instead of being a spectator. Interest in women buckskin!
    s. c. francis

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    The Best Advice

    The best advice I can give is to talk to the people you know. When you are at a powwow, or people you know outside of the circuit...have conversations. Find out how people began their dancing, how they began their outfits...did they sew their own, or have them made? Who did they learn from. Ask these questions politely, and you will learn so, you may find resources, such as a friend who knows someone who can do this and such. That is really the best thing to do. When I began to dance, the only friends I knew who danced were men, but every day and every powwow is an oppurtunity to meet more of your brothers and sisters.
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