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Shawl for a child

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  • Shawl for a child

    What size satin should I use for a childs shawl? For my shawls I use 60 inch fabric. Wouldn't that be too wide? It's going to be double sided with 14' satin fringe. I read a previous post that the length should be from fingertip to fingertip.

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    I dunno if it goes for children too, but I was told that you can measure from the backs of the thighs, to the nape of the neck, i dunno, just what i was told


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      Ok.. I'm gonna use that as a guide.

      Thanks ;)


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        cool, what colors are you using? (dont remember if ya mentioned )much luck !


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          I'm using lavendar satin with dark purple, black and white ribbon.
          I cut the material wrong now I have to go by more satin

          Do you have any tips for sewing on the ribbon? I think I saw a thread on how to do that.. I'm gonna search for it.



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            I dont know how ribbion id done, but i can find out for you if you cant find anything. OOO pretty purples :) that is going to be so cute!


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              If I need any more tips I will e-you. If I know of anyone I will let you know. I figured it out this weekend. Satin is just so hard to work with .. it's very delicate and snags easily.



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                i have a question, okay, my shawl is going to be made out of pannels, should I just cut the pannels like a quilt and sew together? or what I have no idea, i am thinking that would be the right way to do it, and then put backing on it, but wanted to get another opinion


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                  When I use panels on a shawl, I cut out the panel, then iron on the fuse on (or wonder-under) to the panel, and then iron on the panel to the shawl. The fuse on just makes life a little easier. All of the designs go on flat and are easier to sew.
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                    OO didnt even think of that, thanks!!!


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