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  • Dirty Dancers!

    I got a question fo ryou girls out there. Have you ever contested against someone and they competed dirty.
    Like they cut in front you on purpose or they pretty much follow you around the areana and copy your moves spin for spin, kick for kick?
    What do you do in a situation like this?
    Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

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    Get up and get out!


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      oh no you didn't!!!!!!
      all you got to do is dance do your best and stop on time!!
      Well will wonders never cease.....


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        This has happened to me before. The worst incident was when there were 6 girls in the arena (including myself). This girl comes running out of no where and charges straight past me. She was so close that her fringe whipped across my face. It was very rude because the circle wasn't small and we all had plenty of room to space out. Also, it was very irritating and disruptive to my concentration. Now that I look back, its a funny situation. I would have loved to see the startled expression on my face. It wasn't funny at the time though.


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          I know what you mean. Once during a contest this woman dancing in front of me wouldn't let me dance past her. It was getting crowded where I was and she was going too slow for me, so I tried to go around her. At first I thought it was just timing that I couldn't get past but then I quickly glanced at her and she was looking right at me! It was pretty clear she was doing it on purpose. She did that to me for the rest of the song. I just had to make the best of it and danced as hard as I could. But that really sucked and I felt pretty mad. What I felt upset about is this woman who is older than me was pulling something like that and I don't even know her! But I know of this sort of thing happening to other dancers so its not unheard about aggressive!!



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            OMG! had the same avatar as Jacques and I thought I was reading a post from HIM!!! ROFL!!!

            Still it's awful that people can't compete with their own talent.
            Hopefully the judges can see when that happens
            Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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              I know what you mean

              I feel your pain!! that has happend to me once.As i was contesting this gurl she kept spinning when I did and it was getting on my nerves so i just kept spinning over and over until she got disey ,but she ended up placing.
              :Angel2 /:devil


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                to me watching it was kind of funny watching fancystar and this other lady dance, fancy move up, she'd move up
                fancy woudl kick, she'd kick and so on

                but anyway to me it was funny cause this older lady who should be proud of her dancing, was dancing against fancy step for step

                not dancing
                but anyway
                good luck to all you out there this season
                Well will wonders never cease.....


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                  continue to dance and pray that she falls down during a spin!! :Chatter
                  :huddle: Learn to associate with the white man, learn his ways, get an education. With an education, you are his equal; without it, you are his victim. - Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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                    Urks me a lot!!

                    This has happened to me a few times, a girl would follow me around the arena, or hit me with there fringe. At the time it's very irritating, but i just shake it off, there isn't much you can do. The spectators and judges see this happening, specially if a girl is stealing your steps, every one can tell that she doesn't have her own style. I remember this one time, this girl hit me with her fringe, I think it was on purpose cause i noticed that she kept following me during contest, and when she hit me, I kinda looked at her with this anygry expression. Anyway, later on during the powwow this man came up to me, and told me I was a good dancer and was talking to me,..then he told me to forget about the other dancers when they do things like that, they are making themselves look bad. He told me not to pay attention and just concentrate on what im doing. I thanked him for his advice, and realized that he was one of the judges for my contest. So i do believe that people see what's going on.;)


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                      if you have good judges then they should see everything the dancers are doing, unless its a very big dance off like say 10 -20 dancers hard to watch everyone at one time.

                      I've seen most try to stay away from each other so as to keep a judges eye
                      but sorry if anyone has had a bad dance comp.
                      Well will wonders never cease.....


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                        dirty dancers

                        hey toot i like that, anyways im thankful that i have never ran in that kind of confrontation while dancing, because it would be pretty lame for someone to mess up my zone, but i have ran into people who were poor sports, didnt want to shake hands, to me they are very ignorant. they are dancing for the wrong reasons, for the $$$$$, i still think of the main reason for dancing, im thankful to be able to dance, fancy shawl dance makes me feel so alive and free, i dance for those who arent able to, i dance from my heart, anyway girls dont let anyone ever intimidate you out there, haave fun, laterz:D :Thumbs


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                          I'm waiting for the day that a Men's fancy dancer conceals two pairs of nun chucks beneath some feathers. This way he can dance past the champion dancers and go Tonya Harding on their knees without anyone noticing.

                          Or if you are ever contesting on a gym floor, bring a bag of marbles and drop them in front of the other dancers as you go by.

                          Or if you have a good buddy there with you on a sunny outdoor pow-wow, a mirror reflecting the sun right into their eyes will do the trick.
                          It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                            or for you shawl dancers - how about when you spin you throw little needles (like acupuncture pins) into the girls around you.
                            sounds like fun huh?
                            soryr not sayign anyone should do this!
                            but you know the feeling don't you???
                            Well will wonders never cease.....


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                              I KNOW......

                              Hey galz,

                              Well, I've never been followed that I know of, but I do know what it's like to get SLAPPED in the face by some fringe, I try to laugh it off out there in the arena and make sure to MAKE whoever slapped me shake and apologize, one way or the other. Well, not make em apologize, but let them know that I DIDN'T forget about it, and if you shake their hand, usually they'll apologize, since accidents do happen. I've accidently slapped someone while competing, and we kinda had eye contact when it happened, and we grinned at it and I apologized and spun on around!!! But, my question is,

                              Has anyone ever competed with SORE loosers??!! C'mon now, I know everyone has before. I compete with this same girl every year at a powwow, and of course she's a local, and I'm not, and it's almost like we take turns placing 1st, one year me, the next her, but anyway, this past year, I got 1st, and guess what??!! When I went down to shake everyone's hand in the winners line, she refused to shake mine!!! So what do you do??? I told her Congrats, but of course I got nothing in return, talk about dancing for MU-LAH!!!!



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