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  • beadwork pricing

    I have a question for those of you who bead or maybe have purchased beaded outfits for fancy shawl. I have a relative who has asked me if I was interested to bead an outfit for her daughter. She is a teenager. I have never made an outfit for anyone other than myself. So I have no idea on what an outfit costs! Does anyone have any idea on what a good price is? If you like, you may pm me!

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    I have been told by a couple of good beaders several ways you can price.
    1. Per inch you can price something on @ how many sinches of beadwork, like .25 - .75 cents an inch
    2. Per hour - beadwork is a job and you need toget pay for dong a job. Think how many hours it will take you and then do hours
    times 8.50 an hour or whatever rate you feel your beadwork deserves
    But generally after asking around,it still depends on what size beads, design and it you purchase the materials or they do.

    Leggings @ 500-700$$ a pair
    Cape @ 500$$
    Moccassins @ 300$$
    Hair ties and Plume Barrett @ 100$$

    If you have ever had to do one of these you know how much time and effort go in to this.
    If the work is cheap then so is the price!!
    Sounds harsh but that is usually how it goes
    Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

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      I think Fancystar was pretty right on with her prices. Based upon an unscientific survey of well known experienced beadworkers, I have found the average price of a very well made fancy shawl outfit, complete head-to-toe except shawl and skirt is $2500. A jingle dress set of beadwork averages $1500.


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        friend/relative discounts usually apply, but definitely don't sell yourself short.


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          Hmm.. that's kind of hard to say.. I got my leggings beaded.. They were really really nice. They have a wolf's head on there and a starburst, and a blue background. For 2 leggings and moccasins.. It cost me $1000. & to tell u the truth I think we gipped him.
          So it kind've of depends on how good your beadwork is. And I'm pretty sure that it is.



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            I posted a similar question in the beadwork section.......regarding the price you would charge to do commission work.

            I got a lot of round-about answers. This is great to see someone actually putting down $$ figures.

            I am pretty much in the same boat as you........I mostly do beadwork for myself or my family. I have had requests from a couple of different people to make different items, but didn't have any idea of what to charge. I don't plan on making a landslide of money, but at the same time I don't want to undervalue my work.

            Ogapahndn........I don't mean to get off your subject

            But, Jingle Bell............what do you consider a "jingle dress set of beadwork"? What does that all include for $1500?? The dress PLUS all the accessories (leggins, mocs, hairties, purse, etc......???)

            All the $$ figures really helped me out, too. Please keep'em coming.:Thumbs


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              Beadwork pricing!

              I know that one of my friends keeps track of the hours that she spends on her projects. Then she asks for at least $10 an hour.

              But when I do orders I usually have one set price for a complete set. and i say a set is

              women's fancy set
              Back Barrette

              Women's jingle set
              Back Barrette
              Purse (if they want it)

              But of course, it depends on the type of beads. Cut or regular seed beads. and stuff like that!


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                Thanks for everyones input!! You've given me a lot to work with! This is for cousins, so I don't want to stick it to 'em, but don't want to rip myself off either! Amethyst313, I hadn't even thought of different beads! Could definitely change the price! I'm assuming I'll be buying all materials, so I'll take that into account! I'm not sure about charging by the hour because I usually work pretty quick.
                FancyStar, is that price for a fully beaded cape, or just the back beaded? Also, what does a belt cost?
                Thanks for all of the info!!


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                  I think beaded belts can run as much as $300 to $400.

                  Sometimes I surf different on-line trading posts, and that is about the range I've seen the beaded belts go for........


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