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  • a native in need of help!

    Hey ndns! Im in desperite needs! I want to make my own regelia but i dont kno how. im from alaska and im use to the buckskin dresses. i really need your help to get me started! so if you kno any patterns, or kno a place that i can get patterns, please contact of reply! and i wanna kno whats the best matterial for the making. again please! please! help me! please! Ana basii, masi chu, thanks you very much
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    ANd im looking to buy some regelia! i want to make my own and have one for kinda like a guide. so if you kno any sellers please contact me. im 5'2 and if you kno anyone my height get at me! :$$$: :agree?: :39:
    The only Mium rep'n AK and TX as well as USVI carib Indian/Inupiaq Eskimo


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      mainly the shawl

      For the shawl:
      Use your height, plus about an inch or two, to buy the length of material you need. Pretty much any fabric is good. Most fancy dancers use silk, satin, or sequined fabrics. Some use like a polyester type of fabric. It all depends on what you like. It's best if you buy another fabric for underneath the shawl (usually a different color) so that it can weigh down the shawl when you do some fancy spins. You'll probably have to talk to someone, like one of your relatives about the designs you can incorporate into your style and how to do ribbonwork. The fringes are ribbons of your color-choice, you can either sew them on or use an edging tape. The shawl is just usually a square, but if you want to jazz it up a bit, you can cut it in a different style, but its much harder to sew.
      I assume you already know how to do the moccasins and hairties, so I won't even touch that area. If you need help looking for patterns for those, I think there are already posts up for those, you just have to search for it a little. For the vest and yoke, I measured it out myself, so I don't know how to explain that. If you need help with your beadwork, you should probably see one of your elders or else hook up with somebody during a powwow or something and ask them. It's a great way to socialize if they're nice enough. Have fun getting started! if you have anymore specific questions feel free to contact me...


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        hey mium, this isn't related to your post but wanted to say what's up to a fellow carib :hey!: . I sent you an email!


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          Thank you for replying! I have alot of work ahead of me but thank you for the tip she_dances_life. I cant wait to go to the fabric store now! I did look for some patterns on here and i got some really good ideas and tips! i havent really gone to any powwows down here but ive been to the ones in ak and thier allright but not as good!

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          The only Mium rep'n AK and TX as well as USVI carib Indian/Inupiaq Eskimo


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            On the leggings to keep them up and not to worry about them falling down use boning or the stays. Stays look like canvas material and really stiff. Both are washable and you can still bead with it if need be. For the feather cape I use a vest pattern and alter the back of the vest or make another copy of it and design it to what I want. Tapestry scrap material is good for the interfacing because it is heavy and will not flip over your head as much. I also use tapestry for the leggings when I can't find stays. I use my clans designs and tribal designs and colors. I was told by my grandmother. It is funny how I remember what she says when I am making regalia. Sew tape is good. I use the quilters tape it is about 6mm in width. I tape it to a table sticky side up and the ends turned down to hold down the tape. I place the ribbon on it, i do 12 inches twice a day. The shawl seems to get done faster that way. Then tape it to the shawl with a few pins to hold in place. And just sew , pull off tape if you sew over it by accident don't worry. It should come off pretty easy. Good luck and have fun! :1Party: :bouncy:
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              pow wow clothes



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