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being pregnant and in shape

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  • being pregnant and in shape

    i'm 5 months pregnant and having my first child i was wondering if anyone new how i could stay in shape while being pregnant.
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    When I was prego, I didn't vigorously work out. My doctor said if I didn't already have a regular routine that I shouldn't start. I made a point to walk every day or do some prenatal yoga which helped me out a lot while I was in labor. I ate pretty much what I wanted and only gained 23 pounds....losing the weight is another story....15 months later I'm still working on that.

    Congrats and GL.
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      When I was pregnant with my two older daughters, I was in the military. I walked alot and did squats to keep my legs in shape. I did push ups on the wall to keep my arms in shaped and lifted 5 LB weights. I also layed down flat on the floor, bent my legs and lifted my big belly while keeping my hands, palms down, for stability. That helped with the Butt muscles. I would also just sway my arms back and forth with some resistance. After my daughters were born, I went back to military exercizing. Also when your exercizing, take deep breaths and excel. It gets alot of oxygen to your body. Have fun and the baby will probably kicking just to bug you. :dancing3: :clap:
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        MYself, I am pregnant with twin boys and these will make children 3 and 4 for me. I still dance fancy shawl when not pregged out so I can give a little advice.

        Stretch out. The most important thing you can do to stay in shape without hurting yourself or your babies. This will also help you during labor.

        Walk some, not alot but try to stay active.

        Stretch out!!

        After you have the baby, slowly work into a routine. Start with a treadmill or start a more intense stretch regimen.

        Good Luck!
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