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    Here's one of mine- this one's fringe is about 2 1/2 ft long! As far as the flaggin tape goes, i think it could be really kewl if its done right ;)
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      That's really nice!:) Bet that fringe sways just right eh?*l* and how can you tell I am Canadian? Just that 'eh" word!


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        lol, yes it does, i really enjoy dancin with this shawl :D


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          Myself, I say just barely burn the edge so it has a clear clean edge to it! I've tried fray check and that nail polish and personally I think it adds too much weight to a shawl already weighed down by designs and the material of the shawl itself.
          As for shalw length that depends on your height. As a rule of thumb I like my shawls to go from my the base of my neck to the very bottom curve of my bum. The fringe will be from that bottom bum curve to the top of my ankles, so usually @ 20-22 inches. But I double my fringe over so when I cut it each peice is about 40-44 inches long!
          As for that flagging tape, I think it tends to look tacky if not done right!
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            What a beautiful shawl!! It must look great with your whole ensemble'. I really do need to rethink my fringe length. In fact, I need to get the latest shawl I made back and redo the fringe.

            Thanks for the tip on shawl and fringe length, fancystar. I make shawls for all sizes of girls and am never sure exactly how big to go. Of course, for little girls I'll go with shorter fringe, cuz they're always stepping on it. And maybe shorter if I ever try flagging tape. How embarassing to leave a trail of fringe around the arena!!!!

            Now I'm going to have to ask about width. How much past your fingertips do you go, as a rule of thumb? hee hee
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              When cutting fringe, don't forget that every row of knots takes up on the length.


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                When I cut the ribbon , whichever size. Depends on who it is gonna be made for (little girl or a woman) I usally double the length then fold them in half!

                Then to put the fringe on.... I use those straight pins to pin them on. Usually side by side, right next to each other. Then I just use my sewing machine and sew right over them. I think it goes alot faster than tying them on. Well at least I think it does!


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                  wow, that long?

                  Wow, 3 feet! Mine is 28" folded in half for a standard length of 14". I can definitely imagine some jaws droppin if it touched the ground, and not in a good too long and you can step on it and mess up the shawl. Also, I definitely sew mine on, but then again I use ribbon, and I never could figure out how to tie on 1/4" ribbon neatly. I'll have to experiment with some longer fringe, it sounds like a good idea for my next set.
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