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Need Tips to improve my dance

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  • Need Tips to improve my dance

    :p Any of you other fancy shawlers got any tips on how to improve my movement? spins? and crow hop?
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    jump rope! watch american indian dance theatre videos...oh ya, once someone told me they heard practicing on a trampoline would help? lol i dont know abotu that one.

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      yea.. try practicing to techno, that's really good for your stamina, it's also good when the song gets real fast, as for the trampoline thing, that's a good idea, never heard of it :flaming:
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        Have someone video tape you in action. That way you'll know what you look like compared to other dancers. Nowadays, all fancy shawl dancers seem to dance alike. KICK, KICK, KICK...spin over to this new spot...THROW up the shawl...KICK, KICK, KICK...spin over there...THROW up the shawl on the other side... :Chatter Well, you know the rest. I think an improvement would be dancers who actually had some different kind of footwork, you know? Now, BACK in MY day... :Chatter
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          I so AGREE!! I am sick of seeing FancyShawl turned into a sprinting and spinning contest!
          And what is up with that beating someone who actuaaly has moves?
          I suggest you get out there and compete compete!! I was once told when you constently have to compete against the best you are always pushed harder to be better than if you don't have to try!!
          Try dancing with leg weights on. Girls used to do this alot awhile back but not so much anymore. This helps your legs build strength and makes you feel super light when you contest!
          Good luck!
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            yep listen to fancy she's got the calf muscles to prove it!!!!:):):):)
            Well will wonders never cease.....


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              Something that you might want to try is moving your arms when you go into a spin, and while you are spinning. I see a lot of fancy dancers hold their arms stiff when they spin. Don't do that! When you are a fancy dancer all of your body needs to be moving. Spin, hop, kick, jump, ripple your arms... etc. Also I was once told to smile, and look up when dancing. It looks better when you hold your head up high!! Oh and most of all have fun!! If you are truly having fun when you are dancing, then a lot of your moves will be fluid, and very natural which alone will greatly improve your dancing ability.

              I hope some of this helps you! If you want anymore suggestions feel free to email or send me a PM!
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                I guess I dance old style, cuz I have tons of footwork! My advice is if you really want to look good and have peoples respect, work on the footwork! Although, you may not win, so you have to decide why you dance. Either for the money or to keep the traditions alive! Just remember this, anyone can spin, but not everyone can have footwork!;) I'll vote for great footwork any day!!
                Fancy Star is right about the leg weights. I use them. Helps you keep your knees up high during those contests! Good luck!!
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                  I know I dancing to songs. Just turn on the stereo and jump around! Whether it is in the basement or living room. Wherever you have room to dance! I know my baby even dances around with me!!:)


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