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whats a shake song?

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  • whats a shake song?

    I been dancing for about 3 years now and I don't know what a shake song is. Can any of u gals tell me what it is.
    thank you.
    :Angel2 /:devil

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    Like in the men's dances when they have a ruffle dance. The women can get them now but you do it different then the men. Some girls scoot their feet really fast on the ground and do spins. I on the other hand I learned from two men's fancy dancers to do your moves during that time. Its all up to the dancer on what you want to do. But basically its like a mens ruffle song. The men's Fancy and Tradish do it.
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      Shake song

      Yup yup yup! Its almost like a sneak up/trick song. When the quick beats are going at the beginning, you scoot your feet in fast small steps and bring out your arms real high like your flying. When the beat picks up, then you dance regularly but you gotta stop on time at the trick stops. :p
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