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    This is my last year as a jr.fancydancer I'm kinda nervous cause all of the teen dancers are more experienced then me.Is Ursaloria still in teens. but i'll try my best.Ursaloria can you pm me i don't know your user name? If your even enrolled.well see all you teen gals this year. oh and if you want to know my real name it's Tahnee Sharpe/Laffoon.
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    Hun, there's nothing to be nervous about. I'm also a teen fancy shawl dancer and I was at Gathering Of Nations this year. The competition is rough but don't sweat it. Everyone is unique and has their own style...and hopefully not only the judges but you will understand that. And we're not necessarily more experience than you are ... just because someone has been dancing for a longer time, doesn't mean that they can dance as well as others. So have a little confidence in yourself. Hopefully I'll see you in teen girls this year :)

    How u gonna act like my shawl dont bling? How u gonna act like my fringe dont swing?


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      Could you girls maybe stay in teens? LOL
      everytime I look I keep seeing these girls that I remeber starting in juniors move up and now I am even competing against some of you!! I feel just old, oh buh!!!!

      Enjoy being in teens and being young and full of energy, it gets harder when you become a mommmy and get older! !!!!!!

      Good lUck!!!
      Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

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        I can relate too. I'm 17 and finally started to make my regalia and learn the moves. I too feel intimidatee cause I havent been dancing most my life like other girls. But...Then i remember how nice it would be to be out on the floor terrin it up. How awsome it would feel. I dont dance for winnings I dance for the People and myself. So, keep on dancin, girl!



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          Hey I was wondering if it is hard to learn how to dance?
          Cuz I would like to learn even if it is hard.Let me know,everyone.


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            its not hard to learn how to just gotta want to dance...and you obviously do.

            as for movin up to can be kinda scary i guess. when i moved up to teens i had just switched from fancy to jingle which made me even more nervous...but then you get over it and you get used to it.....but then by the time you get settled in teens it seems lyk its time ta move up to womens!!! lol

            but its kool..jus enjoy'll notice how you change
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