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  • *~* Sigh *~*

    I think I might need help.

    During this past year My uncle passed away last July. I never knew how much I would miss him. So I took the year off from dancing. Now that pow wow season has started again. I'm kinda losing it. I've got nothing to do, I have no where to go. Everytime I go to a pow wow it's hard not to dance. Where I'm from I can't even enter the arena. Man!! Everytime I hear a crow hop, a fast and fancy or even a really really good song. I barely control myself. Pow wowing is who I am (for now.) The only things that keeps me sane (I guess you could say that) is my friends.
    Well I just thought I'd let this off my mind. Heh heh heh. .kinda helps having time on your hands too.:p :Angel2

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    Our way is a year also. My father passed just as powwow season was starting. It was very hard to sit, my family and I missed a lot. But it felt good to know that we respected our loved one enough to sit just as he would have.

    You will be surprised at how many people remember that you remembered what you were taught. Staying out is tough but I think we are better for following our ways. Makes you appreciate it more.

    Be patient and finish your year - it's almost up, correct? Work on your regalia and then come back with a fever!
    this is all i have to say


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      Hey - I know exactly how you feel red summit, my brother passed in March from a accident and I won't dance for a year either. I also cut my hair 7 inches. And while it's hard to not be able to dance, it's even harder to get through the days from the pain of him not being here anymore. :(
      Don't bring a JV player into my Varsity Game...


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        One of the things that will really help in the times when you miss the dancing the most is to remember your loved one and to pray for the whole circle of family and friends. Thank the creator for their life and remember those good things that were added to your life because of them. Then give thanks for the circle and the drum. If we think on these things it makes it easier to give of ourselves and wait this time out. ;)
        "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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          It might help to remind yourself also that it's SUPPOSED to be hard. If it was easy to do, it wouldn't be quite so meaningful. If it was easy, everyone would do it and the meaning of "sacrifice" would be lost.
          Not better. Not worse. Just different.


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            I know our tradition is to sit for a year, but what if the person who passes asks you not to sit for them. They enjoyed watching you dance so much that they ask you not to stop. What are your feelings on this.
            We are all part of the same circle.


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              I've just recently started to dance, and I have not heard of this. Thank you for sharing that. :) I think you are really strong for not dancing. Just what the above people said, it wouldnt be easy, ifr it wasnt meaningful. :) Good luck.



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                Thanx you guys for the support. I never really looked at it like that before. It wouldn't be meaningful if it was easy.
                Actually I have been asked by 2 of my family members to keep dancing if they pass on. Not to take the year off. But I told them I would take the year off anyways. It just wouldn't seem right I guess.



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                  Another one

                  Man... 2 in a row... My uncle passed last year, so I took a year off, that was very difficult for my... Then I danced at 2 pow wows, then my grandmother passed.... So another year off.. I've just looked at a video here on pow and I teared up... I don't know what I"m gonna do with myself for another year.... I don't think my heart can take it... but I think I'm being over dramatic, because I haven't gone to sleep yet, but I just feel like I can't make it this year. I keep dreaming about dancing, I keep thinking about dancing.... I've got to toughen up....


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