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    please help me I'm new to the pow wow dancing I would like to learn how to fancy shawl dance? could you tell me how I can learn please

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    how dance?more info about me

    I'm only 15 and my sister's boyfriend toke me to my first pow wow not long a go and i fell in love with the dancing I like the fancy the most thats why I want to learn how to do it...


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      the best way to learn is to go to more powwows and watch. i know alot of dancers don't like to teach, its best just to watch them. see if you can get a hold of some powwow videos and practice at home if you can
      Don't ever stop dancing


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        In October Full Circle will have out a video on Shawl dancing. They just put one out on Jingle. Written Heritage has the one and will get the one in October.


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          That's so cool that you want to learn to fancy!! :dancer: I would have to say watch dancers....whether it is on tape or at pow wows. That way, you would at least get the basic concept! And just practice by yourself at home. Dance to some pow wow tapes!


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            It's also important that you create your own style or dance steps. Watching videos & going to powwows is a great way to see how it's done, but you shouldn't mimic/copy other dancers exact steps. Their style is their own interpretation of the dance & the way they feel the music, just as you'll develop a style. I think the key is to be unique..........Best of luck in your new beginings!

            *BE EASY*


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              You should really try to be unique with your dancing. i mean you can't really have someone teach you.(most people refuse to teach) just go to more powwows and watch the fancy shawl dancers do their stuff. oh and watch for me too!
              Dance like no one's watching.
              Dance like there's no tomorrow.
              Most importantly dance your heart out!
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                I agree with Turtle Mountain.. a lot of dancers refuse to teach. :Mad Personally, I would refuse also... reason being that its important to develop your own personal style and give the song and the dance meaning to yourself. Your steps/movements are yours... your own, you own them and you should take pride in that as many dancers do. So watch a couple vidoes, go to powwows and you might wanna ask around. Practice at home, listen to some powwow music to get the feel of it and I think you should be all set. ;)

                How u gonna act like my shawl dont bling? How u gonna act like my fringe dont swing?


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                  my opinion

                  I agree to with ceapa and turtle mt. I know because people come up to me and ask me to teach them but i say no becuase its like showing them your moves. just watch the fancy shawlers and you'll get the hang of it. thats how I learned. but i'll give you some tips stay with the drum beat , before every powwow i always strech so i my legs won't get sore, and practice every day or every other day. there some tips to start you out with.

                  hey where the powwows @!!!


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                    Personally I would show you the basics, but not my moves.

                    But it depends on who you are and how you ask.

                    Cause most of us had to start somewhere, wishing someone would help with the basic step and beat, remember to give back what you have been given,

                    giving back to the circle, it's all about the circle, what someone once gave you , you pass on to someone else and it continues....
                    Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                    Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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