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is there really a specific way to dance?

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  • is there really a specific way to dance?

    I have this friend who always tells me i have to dance like all the other girls. but the thing is is that she is one of those girls who copy everyone's moves and calls them her own. and i'm just a little confused because isn't it supposed to be your own style? one day we even got in a fight because one of the moves i've been doing for about three years just so happens to be like on of "her" moves in which i remember her asking me how i do it. she's juts getting on my nerves because she's a mixture of all my moves and those other fancy shawl dancers out there. plz :Help and i do dance those other girls it's juts i do more foot work . so does it sound like i'm the bad person here?

    luv alwayz~
    turtle gurl
    Dance like no one's watching.
    Dance like there's no tomorrow.
    Most importantly dance your heart out!
    N8V Pride! Fancy Shawl 4-Life!

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    That's annoying when people steal your moves, your colors or regalia ideas. Yet it happens all the time. I guess it keeps you on your toes, (excuse bad pun) continually having to come up with new and different moves and combinations. It might also help if you dance your best moves ONLY during exhibition or contest so fewer people will have the occasion to copy them. Well, that's what I would do anyway....


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      What I have come to realize is that there are just so many things that one can do while they are dancing, so trying to come up with something that is completely 100% original is almost impossible! Where the individuality comes in is how a dancer puts it all together to make the dance personal and their own.
      The first thing I would have to ask is are you two REALLY friends?Doesn't sound that way to me, it sounds like something else is going on besides the dancing thing. I'm not trying to analyze you just making an observation. ;) Sounds like you two compete on other levels too. IMHO
      I would just encourage you to keep practicing and working on your own personal dance. When you concentrate on the dance and not the friend I think things will come together for you. I would also do what Czechy suggested.
      This is life, and I'm lovin it!


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        I thought she was my friend at least.... idunno.
        well, she went out with my brother for a while and then they broke up. plus i used to like her cuzin. and i think after all that we just kinda got weirded out by eachother. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or maybe it has to do with our friend (jacqui) who was trying to take this powwow guy away from me at hinckley. (they were really good friends before i even came into the picture. she always says i'm a really good dancer and all and then she gets kinda mad... i dunno..

        ~turtle gurl
        Dance like no one's watching.
        Dance like there's no tomorrow.
        Most importantly dance your heart out!
        N8V Pride! Fancy Shawl 4-Life!


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