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    Was just wondering that for those of you who practice your dancing, what are some of the things you do?

    Like do any of you listen to mens ruffle dance songs and try to practice moves to it?

    One thing I do I try to build up calves by turning around backwards on steps with heels hanging over and stand on tiptoes then drop down so the calf s*t*r*e*t*c*h*e*s!

    This is life, and I'm lovin it!

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    This will probably sound funny, but I have like my own routine. Whenever I start practicing, I have a certain song with a ruffle in the beginning then the beats have different paces. This way it should stretch me out pretty good, then almost immediately I go onto a crow hop. Recently.. before I even do my little routine thingi, Ive been doing a couple side step songs (3-4 mins long) to build up my calf's. Your ankles are real important too. Ive gotten to the point where I can literally stand on the knuckles of my toes. I know...eewwww. *L* :Crazy

    How u gonna act like my shawl dont bling? How u gonna act like my fringe dont swing?


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      im a new tradish cloth dancer, so i havent had much practice, or any tapes, of powwow songs. so how i have been practicing is turning on the radio or tv to some rock music (something with a steady beat) and i just dance to whatever kind of song comes on.... this way ill be prepared for anything that comes from the drum --- but thats just me


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        After I had my last baby I was really out of shape. When I started trying to work out and practice I had trouble staying on beat let alone finish a song without stopping.:sweat: I felt like I was starting back at ground zero, which was so fustrating after years of fighting to get where I had been only 7 months before.:Mad
        I found jump roping an amazing help. At first I did a double beat...I was lucky to do 10 in a row w/o getting all tangled up. After a month or so I was skipping to the drum working in footwork.
        My goal was to do this for 5 minutes at first then building up to 20 minutes before moving onto another exercise. It really doesn't allow you to be lazy in your bounces which can really make a difference on that last push up of your second song during contest.
        Whatever method of getting in shape you choose it's a good idea to change up your routine every once in awhile. For one your muscles get used to it so the exercise loses its effectiveness. Another thing is that it is possible to overwork your muscles.
        Take it from someone who's been there. It takes a few months to get over it. It'll make you feel like you've gone through a really hard day of dancing when you've only just begun.
        I'm sure many dancers would agree with me that to improve it's a good idea to practice in front of a mirror or some other reflective surface. Practice. Practice. Practice.
        A friend with a video camera WHO KNOWS HOW TO VIDEOTAPE will make one of the biggest differences in the world. That way you can tear apart what your doing and see what you need to work on. Then practice....practice...practice.
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