The following was taken from the News Herald, a Cleveland, Ohio newspaper....
The Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio plans to sell about 400 Native American Artifacts despite objections from Native American Groups that say the items should be returned to their respective tribes.
The items, all from the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, will be sold because they lack connections with Cleveland, said Cynthia Miller, curator of the society's history museum.
Among the items to be auctioned is the GHOST DANCE shirt, a hand painted cotton shirt adorned with eagle feathers that was taken from the slain body of a seized Souix warrior of Sitting Bull's Tribe.
The auction is set for 27 Sept in Cincinatti, Ohio :Cry :Yell

Here is the telephone number for the Western Reserve Histtorical Society. I think we need to tell them what we think of this outrage!!!!!!!!!!

1 (216) 721-5727 or e-mail them at www.wrhs.org

I could use some help passing the word to stop this auction from taking place