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    Boozhoo. My name is Andrea. I just wanted to let the fancy shawl dancers out there know that I make and sell fancy shawl outfits. Some are with regular fringe and some aren't. I do not do beadwork, just fabric work but they do come out very beautiful. If you are intrerested, give me a buzz. My email address is [email protected].

    Miigwetch to all

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    help xP

    Um, its been a while since my family has done anything! it feels like im losing the ways of the old...

    im moving away for college this summer to San Jose, CA. and i just went to the Standford Powwow last weekend [if you were there you may have seen me, i was in the tree over looking the dance arena next to one of the guest drums]...

    I took a good hard look at myself and i decited i would like to start participating in the dances like i used to when i was much younger.

    the thing is. my mom doesn't really have any time to teach me on how to make my outfit. I was just woundering if there is someone that could help me.

    im not quite sure on what i need to make a Fancy shawl outfit. i almost dont even know where to start except on how to make a shawl...

    so my main questions is, what do i need, how much do i need, where to get it all, and about how much money it would cost.

    thank you for your help!


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