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  • i need help

    i haven't danced in a while and am looking forward to next season, but i have a small problem. i don't know where to start to get on the right path of making an outfit. i'm totally stumped. i'm working on some new steps and such but the outfit thing lets just say i'm getting off to a slow start. so if ne 1 has some idea's on where i can start and what would be the best material to use would be great, thanks:)
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    It's good you're getting back to dancing and planning ahead. If I wasn't so far behind on orders....

    Start with a design, and some colors in mind. Or you can go shopping for fabric and pick your colors there at the store with what you find available. If you already have some beadwork that you want to match, then you're half way there.

    As for material, I've seen shawls made out of ALL kinds of material. Crepe from Wal-mart is pretty good. It swings well, breathes, doesn't wrinkle much and is easy to sew. Satin's good for a skirt, or even your leggings and cape if you use something like WonderUnder to back it to a heavier cloth. And WonderUnder is great for attaching a design.

    Good luck!! is what it is...


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      I was wondering if anyone could help me....I'm trying to make a shawl and I don't know what to use for the fringe if anyone has any ideas please send them to me.....:Angel2


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        My personal prefernce is 1/4 satin ribbon. Folded over double, looks like, hangs good!


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          thanks for the idea about the fringe i forgot to ask that. what would be a good idea to use for the fringe anyway?
          picked out my colors, not really sure though on how to do the leggings. stumped once again. any imput on the subject would be good.:)
          keep your eyes on your enemy and watch your friends. put your life in your own hands or your life will end.


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            I make my leggings by taking a piece of Duct material and cutting it in to a butterfly shape. (Just dont divide it into two wings, So the butterfly has one large wing like a monarch) ok, next i add underwonder then i add the base color for the legging (lets say your skirt is blue with red applique i would use blue as my leggings and put the same applique over it. then when that is done i attach bias tape (I LOVE BAIS TAPE!!) trust me, bais tape will cover a multiude of sins. then you can either put in a seperating zipper (i like this so you can unzip then roll the suckes up and it keeps your desgin nicer than folding them) or you can (makeing sure you foot can slide though) sew the back part together leaving an opening for you foot and an opening for our calf. ive seen some other people just make a tube of fabric and put in a casing and slide through some elastic and call that good, but personaly i think it looks like someone cut their pillowcases up. :)

            good luck:)


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