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  • Crow Style Crow Hop

    Ok... I was wondering if I could get some help from all the other fancy shawlers. A few weeks ago, I was at Fraser Valley pow wow. They had a fancy shawl contest for all the fancy's from juniors to adults. Thye had one song, and chose 15 dancers. I was one of the 15. They did a fast and fancy song, then they went to the Crow style crow hop.. Let me tell you I had no idea how to do it.
    So how exactly are you supposed to dance to this style? That's the first time I've ever done it. :Help

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    do you mean like a double beat?
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      The way I was told is you keep your hands on your hips and it's eally not that fancy. You just kind of do a skip or double beat to the drum and on your honor beats you do a back step. ( does that make sense to you others)
      It's not fancy. I've been to some pow-wows were they call it old style fancy shawl too!
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        WE have discussed this topic already. You can go to the Archives and look at what people have said. ;)
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          Ok, lets see if I can explain this. It's like your skipping, but without the jumping. A Crow Hop is like your just skipping with only your feet. You would have to go with the beat or your doing it wrong. Anyway, it's easy when you get the hang of it, don't make it hard for yourself, you just have to learn!! Is that kind of understandable or not? I tried!!:) ;)


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            Oh.. cool.. OK. I think I know what you guys are saying.. Ok.. i did the hands on the hips, and the backwards, on the honor beats... but i think that I'd really have to see someone else do it, before I can really get the concept. because, I think I went on every other beat, sorta like a crow hop, while others i think went on every beat, like a double beat.

            Thanx for the tips



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                Wow I did get to see some fancy shawlers dance the crowstyle/double beat style. I watched some Jr's dang they kicked some serious butt!! Wow they're being taught very well. I just got nothing but praise for them. They were awesome!! (I saw them at Chilliwack pow wow.)


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                  since I have been to BC recently and know the powwows that you speak of, and know most of the dancers as well, I would have to say be careful about what they think they are doing...most of them dont actually do the double beat properly. E. Eaglespeaker lives out that way and just ask her next time who is doing it properly. it shouldnt be done on the toes and that is how a lot of the dancers do it out way if I get anyones back up, sorry just giving a little
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                    Crow Hop

                    I was taught to Crow Hop by my grandmother. She showed me to put my foot forward, and scoop it forward but fall on my back foot while hopping forward at the same time. It almost looks like your dancing in one spot but moving forward. She also showed me the crow hop stomp. i can remember her showing me she was in her eighties. she did real well. Good luck, Just keep trying. the beat will come in time. :blow: :cya:
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