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Fav Fancy Shawl dancer that could do the Crow Hop!

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  • Fav Fancy Shawl dancer that could do the Crow Hop!

    Hey all you natives! Since the double beat crow hop is becoming one of the popular ones in the competition pow wows, I just wanted to know who your favorite fancy shawl dancer is that could do the double beat crow hop? Just wondering!!

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    Shelly Eagleman Bointy and Gracie Her Many Horses are great to watch.

    Wish I could do it.


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      Gracie Her Many Horses for real, she's the best.


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        You know who rocks? If you ever get the chance to watch this dancer named SHAWNA KAISWATUM, you'll see what I'm talking about. She such a smooth, effortless dancer, one of the worlds top 3, watch her during a crow hop then you'll see how it is suppose to be done!


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          Trisha Albert all the way!!!!!!!!! She floats around and dances circles around the vets on her crow hops....her bounce is smooth and shes in good shape!!!!!!!! She blew me away at these casino powwows (which she took with no prob);) keep it real girly....see ya at northern lights!!!!!!! Shawna is pretty good too creeguy, but she kinda lost it after the baby, but she'll get it back and shyne again :D

          ~lotta luv~


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            Marilyn Blacksmith
            "The poorest person is a person without a family" -Crow Indian proverb.


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              Jolynn Begay Jammed at fort hall ........ I think she won that fancy shawl special too


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                shelly bointy


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                    Gracie and Shelley.

                    Shelley is the one who taught me how to do double beat.


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                      real deal!

                      Tanski Clairmont & Rose Track!

                      Too many people are confusing double beat crow hop with the foot slide (often mistakenly called a crow hop & perpetuated by some MC's & drummer/singers who should know the difference). The double beat crow hop is the Original & only crow hop. The original contest songs for women's shawl dance were a medium fast and a footslide. (Recently they are using a double beat) Check with the old timers from the original Mandaree Singers. This was explained at the Mandaree pow wow this past summer.

                      Too often judges vote for well-known champion dancers because they think they are doing it right because of who they are. These people are either doing a footslide or are hopping/bouncing around. If you want to see a smooth women's double beat crow hop. check out Sheri Chandler & Amber Old Horn (women's crow style dancers) for the REAL DEAL.


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                        So........taking into account what ndnrose just described, and having been to Crow fair to see the difference, and seeing the double-beat crow hop at alot of powwows, my pick would have to be............

                        SHELLY BOINTY! She's smooth, and you have to watch their feet to tell if their doing it right. Her, Grace and Tanksi got it!


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                          :Angel2 Tanksi Clairmont is the best contemporary.....................Gracie Her Many Horses is the best old style

                          There is no debate!!!!!!!!!


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                            Gotta agree w/ndnpride...Marilyn is ace!
                            "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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                              double beat

                              The best ones are/

                              Shelley Bointy and Josette Wahwasuck,

                              They both do it very similiar, which is very good because you both the grace and beauty of their dancing all in one song, that is if they are both there.. Keep jammin girls...:Angel2


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