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  • Fancy shawl and yoke

    I need help from all you fancy dancing Ladies. I decided that I am going to begin competing this summer and I have al my oufit but the shawl ad the yoke. I got a couple o questions. How do you make the yoke and what do ya use for the shingles, also are there any good instructional web sites!!!???
    Thank to all who can help and tho who wish they could. :p

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    I don't know about any sites describing how to make a yoke, but can offer some suggestions. A friend of mine uses old T-shirts to make patterns. That way you know you have an openning big enough to put your head through & the front of the yoke lower at the neckline that the back (it won't feel like you are being choked. If you are planning on beading or putting sequins on your yoke, you might consider using canvas (aka duck cloth)for your base material.

    Something else you might consider is the combination vest/yoke. If you opt to do this, all you need is the vest part for the front & the yoke part, attatched at the shoulders. Don't worry about including the back of the vest as the back would make it a little hot and confining to wear. In order to keep everything in place, try putting belt loops on the back of the front part & include a belt. If you decide to use your moccs, leggings, and belt for another dance style, all you'd have to do is to slip the belt out of the loops.

    You also might check in the Fancy Shawl archives for more suggestions.

    Good luck with getting your yoke together. I hope my suggestions help.

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      Hey Suz...great tips. Im not looking to make a new yoke right now, but Im definatly going to keep all of that in mind when I work on my next one. THANKS :) ;)

      This above thine own self be true.


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        THanx so much!!!! Now if I can only get the energy to get started.....


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