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  • Question about the shawl.....

    I tried to make my daughters shawl and I used some heavy bond fusible webbing. The problem I ran into was that it didn't stick well. Since I have to start all over, does anyone have a better solution? I can sew the design on but if I do that what is the best method of stitching to use zig-zag or embroider? Also, I am using satin material and I found that it frays easily, is there a solution in dealing with this?

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    You're gonna hate me for this, but what I have learned is don't use fusable anything and don't use satin anything. :) I tried using fusable bindings when I first started and they never stick!!! I think you're just going to have to sew it. As far as the fabric goes, you can seal the edges with that anti-fray glue and then sew some kind of binding over it. If it's a polyester fabric, you can also carefully burn the edges like you would fringes, then bind it.
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      I use both when I'm putting designs onto material for my grass clothes. I start with the iron on fusing to hold it in place while I sew it. I just use a zig-zag stitch aroung the edges. You can get the stitches as close together as you want or farther apart to make it go faster. Farther apart will show frays a little more, but it sure goes a lot faster.

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        Definitely you should stabilize your fabric before cutting and sewing. I use a light to medium weight iron-on fusible web or interfacing. Iron on a piece bigger than you need onto the back of your satin, making sure you don't damage the satin with too much heat from your iron. Once its cooled, you can cut out your shapes and pin on your shawl or use dots of a glue stick to hold them in place for sewing. Sew them down with a close zigzag stitch. The shorter stitch length T Dave mentions is worth the extra bit of time since it will look and wear much better than a wider stitch. Experiment a bit to see what will work best for you. Good Luck!


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          Yes, you should definitely stabilize your fabric. I use the fusible interfacing on areas I will be cutting out. I also use the fusable interfacing on the back of the garment where ever I will be placing the design. This gives the satin extra strength when doing your zig-zag stitch around the cutout. Contrary to the less stitches and faster time theory, I find it is worth the extra time to make close uniform stitches. Your end result is a garment that you are proud to say you made and one your daughter will be proud to wear. My personal pet peeve is seeing kids(or anyone for that matter) in regalia that is done barely half right. When I send my son out into the circle, he knows he is wearing something I did my best to make, not something I threw together just to say he could be out there. I think you dishonor the song and the dance when you take shortcuts that don't work.


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