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  • leggings/mocassins

    I've tried dancing in wraps/tall moccasins a couple of times and don't recommend it. No matter how well you think you have tied them on, they always loosen or come undone. Plus, you don't get the same ankle flexibility as you would get with separate mocs and leggings. The only way I'd wear tall moccasins for shawl dancing would be if the legging parts had enough stiffness to stand up by themselves.

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    i have a question. do you have to wear mocassins and leggings or can you just wear wrap around mocassins that come up to the same hight as the leggings would?
    just adding my 2 cents and a nickle


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      I have tall moccasins and beleive me,the do come loose most of the time your dancing. So,I don't recommend them. :(


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