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  • absolutely horrible!

    ok so i wanna know whats the most embarassing thing to happen to you while dancing....i'll share my story if your share purty
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    Ok, this was a few years back when I was 14 yrs. old. I was out, durning an intertribal dancing my heart out when lo and behold my foot went into a gophor hole (or and I went down. Twisted my ankle pretty good and the arena director ran over, picked me up and carried me out and even put me in my chair.. He then told me "u just did that so i'd carry u out" lol. How's that for embarrasing? Oh, well at least it didnt happen during contest or solo.. sheeeeeesh.. :Help :Blush


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      Mine is pretty much along the same lines. Except all the paramedics came out and got me and put me on the strecher and took me to the hospital in my total outfit, fluffs and all!!!:o
      The looks I got were totally crazy. And now 3-4 years later every once in awhile someone will ask, Aren't you that girl that almost broke her ankle at the pow-wow a couple of years ago?
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        Three dancer pileup

        My most embarrassing thing happen to me is a dancer and me were in a pileup on the dance area and that was kinda embarrassing :o .
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          dance rink
          :p :Chatter

          Did you have your skates on??
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            White boy here went to his first High School dance as a freshman. First time on the dance floor a senior came up to me and said "Man do you look stupid dancing" Last time I ever fast danced :(
            One vote wonder.


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              My most embarrassing moment actually I had two. So here's one of them....the other maybe later...Okay the pow-wow moment was when I was walking my Granny's poodle...yes the lil stinky kind with the damn painted toenails and funky hairdo...anyway...I was walking FIFI... yes...FIFI... and it was when all the stands were packed with people eating breakfast...there were ALOT of people and I was like one of the only ones walking down "the way" (fifi kept getting stubborn so I'ld give the leash a lil tug) and I guess I was in my own lil world and I kiinda snap out of it and all these people are laughing and I'm like "what the heck is so funny?" I notice Fifi's stubborn again- I turn around and that lil B*TCH is draggin her damn A$$ trying to take a dump!! DAMN!!! I was pulling on the leash and her dainty a$$ was just a skiddin'. chit....that's just too damn much...I felt like hiding.:o
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                Here's one that didn't happen directly to me but involved me and a lot of blushes.

                Me and my cuzzin were dancing an intertribal and we were behind this lady traditional dancer. We kinda had our eyes down so we saw her slip fall down around her ankles and she danced right out of it! I'm not kidding. We looked at it, looked at each other and our jaws dropped. We didn't know if we should tell her or not and everyone behind us was, like, stopped behind us and wondering what was going on. It was hilarious...
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                  Heehee....I was at this one powwow, and it had been raining b4, but it was an intertribal dance and I was just a dancing. There were a lot of people dancing so thank goodness not too many saw me, but I hit a lil' patch o' mud and my feet flew out from under me and I busted my a** hard! :23: This one dancer looked at me and said, "Hey, you ok?" I didn't get my skirt dirty, though, because when I fell, it flew up and I didn't land on it, geez, thank goodness for wearing shorts under my regalia! Then, well, this ain't emberassing, it's just funny, but I was dancing an exhibition dance and I went to spin and it was really windy, needless to say, my shawl flew over my head and I couldn't see anything. :czyeyes: I was laughing so hard at myself I didn't notice if anyone else was laughing at me, but they probably were! I had to figure out how to get it back right and not stop dancing. It was pretty funny. But those are my 2 most emberassing/humorous moments at a powwow so far. There are bound to be many more, though! :p
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                    Went to a pow-wow with really skanky bathrooms... went out in the woods to go old style, didn't go out far enough in the woods. there were about 15 people standing about 50 yards behind the tree that I went behind. so they all got the full moon.


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                      Another one comes to mind, I personally did not see this, just heard bout it, so don't know if it's true or not, but heard a few years back there was this princess that had this beautiful fully beaded banner. She went to use the porta-o and when she did, her banner fell off and right into the (well u can imagine). She left it there, and apparently someone spotted it, fished it out (GROSS) and took it to the MC stand, where the MC called the girl and made her come get it, in front of everyone. Like I said not sure if this is true (hope for her sake, it's not) but if it is, it would be a hard one to outdo on the ole embarraso meter.


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                        Went to a very small Pow Wow, and there weren't very many people out in the circle, so my daughter wouldn't leave my side, we were kind of talking a bit, and she walked right into me, that got quite a few giggles, and she wouldn't go beack into the circle the rest of the time we were there. One of the Elder ladies, came up to her, and told her not to worry about it, worse than that has happened to her, she was dancing, and admiring this guy, and accidently walked into the person in front of her. It got the attention of the guy she was attracted to, and they have been married 30 years since then!
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                          scary to happen today

                          when i was in tiny tots(i'm in womens now) very first competition(special)
                          I had to dance round dance and i am usually really good......My underware came off in the middle of the song and little ol' me picked them up and started damcing harder while the Whitefish bay drummers are all laughing their hearts out!!!!!!!!!
                          I don't think they'll ever forget that one...........they still bug me!!!!!


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                            Ok here's one.. I went to Kamloopa pow wow, and we got there late, so I was running to see if there was registration still goin on.. I was with my friend, and I ran, past a tent that had their string attached to a camper, and I was worrying about that watching it as I went under the thing, and little did I know that there was another string attached to the ground. I tripped and fell.. :( My friend laughed at me. Not to mention this guy was getting changed, and asked what happened.. I just laughed and told him my next showing was at 4:00 the next day.. He laughs and said, nah I already caught the first act..


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                              It wasn't me but I was embarrassed for this girl... she was in juniors and there was a conference powwow at a hotel and the floor was carpet and she slipped and fell... She walked and she was crying. Well the bad thing was that ppl must have felt bad because the committee kept calling her up because people would take a few bucks up there for this girl that fell and they kept calling her that everytime they called her up to the annoucer stand...

                              another time
                              when there was a special contest and my husband got 3rd he came over and didn't have any pockets and he wanted to put some money on the drum so we were standing there and I was holding his envelope and they MC was a friend of ours and he annouced.... "dang contest isn't even over and the wives are already collecting there cut.." everyone looked at us and I was standing trying to give back my husbands envelope and I was trying to tell him to hold it... and everyone was laughing...


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