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making a fancy dress for the FIRST time!!!!!!!!

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  • making a fancy dress for the FIRST time!!!!!!!!

    I'm making my three year old cousin her first fancy out fit, but i need help!!!
    how should i do this?
    all i know is that i want to use the colors silver and pink
    at first i wanted to use hearts but i noticed like all the little girls are like that so i think i will go with stars.

    by the way i jusst started trad so fancy's kinda new to me

    but on to the more important things:
    do you think that i should make her pants instead of leggings?
    do you think that i should just stick with the skirt and shawl for now and worry bout the rest later?
    do you think that i should make some way to make it easier for her to hold on to like little elastic wrist things?
    do you think that i should make like something to attach it to the vest so she want drag it all around the arena?
    ive seen some little girls with the premade beaded fringes what your opinion on that?

    any suggestions or help let me know!!!!

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    Calm down, Breathe ......

    ok, first rememeber little one grow fast, so take that into consideration.
    little elastic things on her wrist to hang on to? If they have elastic in them, then why does she have to hang on to them? They will be on her wrist!

    If it were me, I would make leggings, not pants, and a bit of a longer skirt, so she'll have room to grow. The shawl does not need to be attached to the vest, then it would be a cape! So take that into consideration, she needs to be taught NOT to drag it all over the ground, and if she does, then make sure it can handle rough abuse from a young girl (they can be pretty rough)

    Maybe an elastic casing in the skirt or draw string, so she can grow there too! Pink with silver trim, and stars would be pretty, butterflies are always pretty too! There was one girl, that had butterflies on her shawl, and vest, and when she danced, it was as if she were a butterfly!

    Good luck!
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