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  • HELP!!!!!! Please............

    :D I'm making a fancy dance shawl and I need to know if the ribbon is hand tied like fringe or is it pinned in place and then sewn? Any help would be greatly appreciated.......PLEASE!!! :p
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    I think that the best way and the cleanest way is to pin each ribbon down and then sew it down. I usually use to pieces of ribbon so the ribbon will look thicker. Hope that helps.
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      Hey Ulinawi,
      When my mom was making my new shawl we encountered the problem of sewing on the fringe. It was 1/8 inch-too small to pin on.

      What we did was took scotch tape and put the fringe onto that, like lined it up. Then, the tape and fringe was put in between the 2 pieces of fabric, and the hem was sewn just below the tape. So, you could take off the tape strip, turn the shawl inside out, and the fringe was sewn in. I think this is the easiest method if you are using small fringe.

      I've also seen some people just tie on the fringe like chainette, especially if they have some sort of overlay fabric like a diamond pattern hanging down over the edge of the shawl, so you can't really see it. But I've never tied on fringe.

      Good luck! Let us know what works for you!



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        Hey=) I recently made a new shawl. we used 1/4 in ribbbon, pinned down right nest to each other. we put it in between two pieces of fabric, just to make it look better=) PM or e-mail me if u need anymore help!

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          I have a shawl that I used really tiny baby ribbon on. I hand tied it on like regular shawl fringe. I really like the way it looks and swings really smooth when I spin. I don't think I would try it with wider ribbon. It won't tie and lay nice. One downfall of tying is that it takes a lot of ribbon and time to do. However, I didn't have to burn the ends to keep it from fraying. Good luck with whatever you choose!!


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            Thanks to all of you, I really appreciate the tips...... I don't burn the edges, I fray check them after I wrap'em, before I cut it!!!!! Thanxs again

            Tess :D :D
            My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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              :D Thanks T...... I thought so, but I wanted to be absolutely sure!!!! ;) thanks again.
              My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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                My personal preference is the ribbon fringe now days.


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                  putting fringes on shawls

                  I think that pinning the fringes on, then sewing over them.... goes alot faster!


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                    Myself, I just cut it a little long then just sew as I put it on the shawl! If this sounds confusing sorry, but it really cuts on the time. Then afterwards I trim it a little and slightly burn my edges to keep it from fraying! This makes it quick and clean. I personally don't like to use fray check because it adds to much weught to my shawl!
                    But hey, whatever rocks your boat!
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                      Hi, I'm new but i thought I'd Reply.:(
                      On my Shawl I used yarn and tied it. But that made it get tangled. So I using Ribbon on my new one and I'm still tieing it.:) anyway thats how I'm doing it.
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