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  • Daddy...I wanna dance Fancy!

    Changing from Jingle to Fancy..Need Help!!!

    [COLOR=Black]My daughter is switching style from jingle to fancy shawl. She has asked my wife and I to help with the switch. We are a little limited to the type of help we can provide--we were raised in only the Northern and Southern Traditional styles! We need advise and help as to what is expected and considered proper inn the fancy shawl style--what do we need to be aware of in both regalia and dance steps or movements?

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    Well there are a lot of posts on outfits and people who make and sell them here. You can also look in the photo gallery for ideas of outfits. There are also videos in the gallery to watch fancy shawl dancing. Plus I am sure when you go to a powwow there are many fancy shawl dancers in your area who would be willing to talk to your daughter about dancing. Good luck and if you ask other questions I am sure they will be answered here!


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      well i would say ask the fanc shawl dancers in your area. dress pending on naion and comp or no comp, cheat items or what. do some research, ask some women Elders for help. thats about all I could say
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