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    Hey, with the holidays coming up, does anybody have any advice on how to keep in shape through the Turkey and stuffing and candycanes?
    What are some exercises and tips that help you stay in shape through this difficult time?
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    well i do karate about 3 hour a day and i go horseback riding. it works for me.


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      i'm no help here...i just never eat more than usual during all the yummy holiday i run,do yoga..and i dance 1-2 hours every day no matter what.


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        Keep going to the gym, or whatever kind of activities that you are dong now. For me, I hit the gym 3 times a week for cardio, and two for weights. Makes it a total of five days a week, no matter what! Nothing is gonna get in the way of me hopping on my favorite treadmill

        Also don't over doit on the food, like sugar, chips, pop and junk. Try and say with whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and some dairy and meat. Lots of water, and practice practice, practice:D


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