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  • yoke

    anyone know how to make a yoke? i have no idea how to do one? and its problemly really easy!


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    I didnt know either!!!

    I got my Ma to help me out with mine, We pretty much just looked at some pictures, measured it out and traced out a pattern on some canvas. We put cloth over the canvas, sowed it down and did the bead work on that. I traced out my designs before hand on the cloth and Voila!!! Its da bomb!!! LOL Just go by what you say but think of your own shape for a yolk. Its perty darn easy, its the shawl and the mocs that take forever!!!
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      Looking at photos is very good advice. You have to know exactly what you want before you can start.. ie... vest and yoke made into one.. separate yoke.. etc.
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        thanks i will try to find some pictures


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          there are some pics in the gallery.


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            thanks whitewolf


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              I have discover the best way is make a practice one.
              Go the the market and get some papaer bags.
              Then use these as your practice.
              You can make all your measurements on it and everything. If you mess up, throw awayand start again.
              If you get it right, then you haev a pattern to work form and can keep for future reference.

              Good Luck
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                thanks for the idea i will try it .


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                  Ok here's my cheap-a$$, need a yoke in a week, project. I found a pillow case pattern from Fabricland of a butterfly, real pretty, cut it out, sewed it to some canvas, and sequined the whole pattern. Then, I sewed that to a regular vest and did a little bit of design on the front. But, f'real tho', it turned out real nice. I needed a new one for Skydome and had like a week, I guess it would work for a quick fix, but I am in the process of doing what FancyStar suggested, truss me, using paper bags leaves a lot of room for trial and error!
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