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  • Patterns for Vest/Skirt

    I DESPERATLY need a pattern for the vest/yoke design....the vest in front which turns into a yoke in the back and the skirt....the skirt has been giving me trouble b/c I know its a pleated skirt but I CAN NOT find a pattern for it exactly,you know tight at top and pleats for kicking...PLEASE HELP email me at [email protected] THANK YOU SO MUCH


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    Eaglesong, the vest/yoke is one of the easiest patterns to make. Just get a pattern for a vest (button or tie) and trace the top part of the back of the vest. You need to match up the area where the shoulder part of the vest is sewn together and insert the yoke before you put it together. All I can suggest for the pleated skirt (I'm guessing you want the 2 color pleated skirt) is to find a pattern for a cheerleader's skirt & lengthen it if you have to. I hope these suggestions help you. Good luck!

    PS I almost forgot to mention that you don't need to use the back of the vest for your vest/yoke. It seems that I remember Tooter saying that she didn't use the full back of the vest in her pattern. Instead, something like a belt was used to keep everything in place. That way you can keep cool when you dance.
    The back of the vest pattern could still be used in designing your yoke, so that you end up with the correct width to match up with the shoulders.
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      Heres a crazy idea that just might work, well it probably will and if you dont have much experience with sewing then its probaly a pretty good idea,
      why dont you go to a second hand store and buy a vest, and add peices to it, if your beading it well top itup with some canvas or whatever you decide to use.... then if you want to keep the back on the vest you can easily add a piece to the back,
      if not then you can always cut it along the sides and cut the back to your specifications..... and add a belt piece to the back of the front half... might work out pretty good,
      so find a good fitting vest at a second hand store, and you dont need the pattern.

      As for the pleated skirt, is it a skirt or a dress... well heres a suggestion for the skirt anyways, depending on if you want the skirt fitted or more loose so that you can move more..
      the top is pretty much a tube, so make your tube girl...
      then the pleated part is actually the sickening part, lol. but
      to pleat it you have to use an iron if you want a good uniform result... depending on the size of pleats ou want probably about an inch or so, iron it into pleats... then use a sewing machine just to tack the pleats down when your finished ironing them, so it dosent need to be a tight stitch but one would work fine if you did anyways. then when you are finished with the pleating and sewing it (tacking it all together so it cant move apart) turn both of your peices together right sides together, and sew it around the bottom of the tube (skirt) the last part would be to put an elastic band inside the skirt, if you chose to use elastic, make sure its not gonnna slide off of you (ESPECIALLY IF ITS SATIN) lol, so you sew your self a tube, (and I love the word tube)lol, then put the elastic in its easy with a saftey pin attached to one end of the elastic, then sew it together good so it dosent come apart, and then finish the *tube* lol, then thats a simple skirt :)

      I think it would be easier then altering the pattern, for myself anyways, plus you can save yourself the 8 dollars.... if you need a lil explanation of what I just said (cause it might not make sence) you can email me @ [email protected]

      Be glad to help you ......... N good luck !!

      Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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