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  • Northern or Southern

    Which would you rather kick it up to, a Northern song or a Southern song?
    Then would you rather have a fast song or a moderate speed song?

    Myself, I feel I always jam out to a fast northern song!!
    When I dance to one of those I just relax and feel the music move me. Those kind of songs are the ones where moves and style just seem to come easily and flow.
    When it is a southern song with a moderate beat, I just feel like it's to slow!! I really have too much time for thinking when I dance!! The song seems to take forever!!

    What about youn's?
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    I definetely prefer jammin out to a Northern fast song. I find that slow songs last too long...
    Got percap?


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      northern and fast!!


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        Well, I'm too out-of-shape nowadays to dance to either one.. :p ..BUT I like watching fancy shawl dancers dance to Northern moderate songs. They just seem so much more graceful and you get to see more footwork. Sometimes when watching them dance to the fast songs, all they have time for is kick, kick, kick, spin, spin, kick, kick, kick, spin over to the next spot, kick, kick, kick... :Chatter , you know? There's only a few dancers that I've seen that can dance to the fast ones and still look graceful (you ladies, obviously... ;) :p ).
        Not better. Not worse. Just different.


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          mine is fast

          mine is fast and northern style. just cuz i'm me and very athletic.
          :) :Angel: :)

          R.I.P Alex Archie
          March 12, 1966 to May 7, 2003
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            Southern to start out with then Northern.
            ushoo' udish dee'


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              I dance northern (grass) and sing southern. Usually it's just us and another drum, so I end up dancing mostly to northern songs.

              But when a good group of southern singers get going, you can't stand still. They tend to keep it up with three songs or more in a row. Got to be in shape!!!

              I can and like to dance to both - as long as they are doing it right. There have been some groups who do the song on beat - I just can't find the grove - can't tell between the hard / soft.

              Anyway, my two cents.

              J~Dawg - the one and only!!!
              In NDN Paradise!!!


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                Northern fo sho!!! Wee Chaa
                ..::First ever 2002-2003 Princess::..
                ~*~*~* The original POWWOWCHIC49 *~*~*~
                *~*JINGLE IT*~*


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                    i really love dancing to southern ...or no, both equally as long as it's fast....i just like fast songs....


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                      northern or southern....

                      Well I usually like Northern songs... but there are a few southern songs that make you want to jam!!!


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                        I LOVE southern songs.. whoa.. when I hear them i just gotta get up and dance!!!:Heart :Thumbs



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                          Northern and Fast. Really Fast

                          Northern and Fast. Really Fast.

                          R.I.P Alex Archie
                          March 12, 1966 to May 7, 2003
                          Creator Please Help Us Find A Cure..


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                            Northern, depends on what mood i'm in to wanna dance fast or not, so ya.
                            Just put on your dancing shoes and dance til sun comes up.....


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                              Northern all the way, it gets my feet moving!


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