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your respnses would be very helpful ty

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  • your respnses would be very helpful ty

    well, im a teen jingle dancer right now but for the longest time ive been wanting to dance fancy shawl.. alot of people i know around the powwows say that i could make a great fancy shawl dancer.. i love to dance to the northern beat.. and i know i could deffinently keep up..i always loved to watch the fancy shawl dancers. i think they are very bueatiful..with all the colors and the movement. for the past 6 months or so i have been praying really hard studied the fancy shawl dancers. im finially going to be able to dance fancy shawl by the end of nov. or in december..but there are questions ive had and been meaning to ask.. when im at powwows i see that alot of the ladies start off spinning in circles.. i know fancy consists of alot of spinning but ive been told that its not good to spin alot.. and ive been told that you should be spinning alot.. what is your opinion? it would really help.. and any tips that i could use before i began dancing fancy would also be very helpful..ive read and learned alot about this style but i know theres always more... so again any tips.. or anything would be helpful.. thankyou.

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    well as a fancy shawl dancer myself I find that spinning makes things look more attractive...but don't over do it, spinning is good in most case afterall that is one thing that is eye catching and draws more attention to your footwork and other movenments, I don't think in anyway spinning is bad because if you don't spin aren't you dancing jungle with a shawl and skirt ?


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