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Hey you girls I need a little help

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  • Hey you girls I need a little help

    Okay it's not big thing but I'm havin trouble deciding on what colors to make some new shawls & skirts for myself.That would look good with both sets of beadwork that I have...I have a set with Cobalt blue background and lots of white in the design,and another with white background and lots of amethyst in the design....I just want some shawls and skirts I can wear with both sets so I don't have to look the same all the time.... just wanna know what y'allz think....

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    hey thanks the colors sound good for one or the other but i meant like one shawl & skirt that can be worn with both sets.....i have a lot more complex design with lotsa colors on my new beadwork,so almost anything would match that...on my old (blue)beadwork i have just blue red orange white and light its a simpler & not to dog on myself but a cheaper maybe pink....i really like tha bright colors...thanks girl....didya make any new beadwork or just still have the white & blue??? i like the blue it's really pretty....


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      Why pick just one color? Most shawl's have a rainbow of colors
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        i meant for tha background color...i put ribbon work on my stuff.... i just don't know what to have tha background color be...hey niimii i kinda wanna go a little different on my new stuff....kinda like your stuff???think you could help me???please please???


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          like your one blue's like a real soft work those pastels good whenever i try i look jus stoopid...cry yi my pastels haven't gone past tha ol drawing board!!!but then i like your one red jingle dress....with tha hand thingies....thats pretty....ooh and tha yellow one.....but i think those are my favorites of your anyways just gettin back to you....


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            yeah my new beadwork is still just barely getting there....i just have barettes earrings and a choker finished....OOH I'MA BE PRETTIER THAN EVERYONE!!!!!lol....i'm just kiddin but my new beadwork is gonna kick much badder than my blue set...
            my blue set i was just learning i guess...cry yi i think i'm on my 5th pair of moccasins on that one!!!!got any suggestions on that? i'm rough on moccasins i a little anyways what's up with that powwow in cass??? new years or no??? you know anything?


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              amethyst is like a purple color right? If you really want to bring out that color, you can use a yellow. My preference would be like a golden yellow, which might bring out the colbalt blue outfit. Or maybe an orange or a yellow green.. If you find the right shade of these colors they can blend nicely. but i really think the yellow would work best. (just my opinion)



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                why not...

                Here's my suggestion...why not a nice aqua or light turquoise color!

                :) I think that would look really cool!


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