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how to do the crow hop?

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  • how to do the crow hop?

    hi ppl...i was just wondering if ne 1 could give me ne ideas on how to do the crow hop? i'm a new dancer and don't really know how to do it? to me it looks like the dancers just hop around on the floor and yet look very graceful doing it. do i have the right idea going here? is there different styles on how to do it and if so if ne 1 can explain it to me i would be very grateful

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    i dont how other people would do it but i have my in the air.:bouncy: :D


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      it be a good idea to buy a powwow video and watch when the girls dance to a crow hop;) you could probly pick up some basics from there. hope that helps:)
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      • eucheefolife
        how do u do the crow hop?
        by eucheefolife
        how do u do the crow hop and what is it ive heard of it many times but never saw it done
        11-11-2003, 07:17 PM
      • Mato Winyan
        crow hop poll
        by Mato Winyan
        Ok....the daughter and I are having a debate about jingle dancers dancing the crow hop.
        What are your thoughts, feelings and/or comments on it???
        I think it should be left to the fancy shawl dancers.
        I see it done all the time, no problem with it as far as I'm concerned.
        I see it done, but I wouldn't dance it.
        Crow hop??????? What's a crow hop?????
        02-07-2002, 02:35 AM
      • springflower
        crow hop question- ?
        by springflower
        hi all ya'll fancy shawl dancers. i just started going to this site. but i came here looking for an answer to this question-
        here goes, i dont know if this is a dance that has always been done by certain tribes or if its just a powwow fad.
        heres my question: has anybody seen tha crow...
        11-13-2003, 06:41 PM
      • babyfancydancer
        Double Beat Drama
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        I have just entered teens and every powwow I went they have a double beat. If it is not to hard to explain, can someone explain?? Or name some people in that are pretty good at it and are willing to help a first timer?? I have been dancing for a while and never learned double beat!!
        09-23-2004, 10:44 AM
      • key-le-la
        bout double beat n old style crow hop?
        by key-le-la
        hey fancy shawlers

        i gots questioned bout the double beat and old style crow hop. Are they the same dance or not? Can someone plz explain how they r danced? I've seen the double beat before and tried to dance but don't know exactly how to do it hehe. thanx for all ur help.......key-l...
        07-15-2003, 08:46 PM



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