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what do you think of sequins outfits vs beaded

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  • what do you think of sequins outfits vs beaded

    just as nice? judged the same in comp? what do you think?

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    Personally, I think that sequins work looks just as pretty as beadwork. And its certainly eye catching. My latest set is a sequins set, but I plan on starting a new beaded set soon.



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      hard to say...i think sequins & beadwork can be equally pretty as long as they have goodquality work on both... a friend of mine who's just starting in fancy is making her set with sequins b-cuz it's a lot lighter than beadwork... she borrowed my beadwork & she was hurtin tha next i guess one can be just as pretty as the other. i wanna make a set with sequins simply because it takes less time & i'll have something new & flashy this spring...also because it's lighter... hey doesn't bonnie tomahsah have a sequinned set that's really pretty?tha only downside to sequins is you have to be less detailed than beadwork, but i dunno, they're both pretty.


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        I think they are both equally pretty. in the new 2003 calendar, you can see bonnie's blue sequined set and it looks awesome.
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          I prefer beads anyday. Just to know how much work I put into it. Makes me feel a whole lot better. I am considering the whole sequinned thing though. It is attractive.
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            I like beaded work for small pow wows but the sequins are far more eye catching at a pow wow as large as say Gathering Of Nations. I'd stick with the beaded stuff, Guess I'm old school like that! *aye!* LOL:p
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              i like sequins for the shine it gives, and it easier to make for me anyways but i like beadwork because u can make more intricate designs with it but i take forever to bead maybe it cause my daughter is in that pesty age i guess she is just trying to help but i em both
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                Sequins look good, but if ur competing you better stick with beadwork. :24: :24:


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                  i prefer beading. i like the look of sequins but would still rather have beading:)
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                    Dang that is a hard one. They both require work to make them look good and if you do it right they can shine but if you do it wrong they can look like garbage. Mine are all beaded but thats not to say I wouldn't like to have a sequin set for smaller pow-wows or on Friday night when you're not competing and just socialing while still looking good.
                    Lana King has some nice looking sequin sets also!!
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                      sequins vs. beads...

                      I like the sequin outfits Tiffany Paskemin makes... she made Bonni's sequin ones!!!

                      If you have a nice sequin one like that I say it wouldn't matter when you would wear it during competition or not!! Especially if you have some nice shawls and skirts to go with it!! But that's just my opinion! :)


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                        What about a nice mix of sequine work, crystal beads, and reg. glass bead work? -- I've seen one or two that have done them that way, and they wind up looking really pretty. Although I did see a girl attempting the sequines, and it looked gotty as all get-out. lol

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                          well i think beadwork is more tradish. and sequins more comtemp. They both are beautifull.... I i am not sure what exactly you mean, like the glitter dot fabric or actually something that you have to sew every single sequin on? Anyone got a pic? Sorry i am not a fancy shawler but i am a jingler and they both use either or.

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                            i think they mean the sequins where you actually do work you know....not just the fabric cuz thats just cheap and lazy if ya ask me :D i think they're both pretty and you gotta put effort into makin either beadwork or a sequinz outfit soooo i think that they should be judged equally
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                              I think beadwork is always better if you are contesting. Sequins are better for kids and juniors unless you are really outta shape and need any help that you can get. AYYYYEEE!!! I also think that they are a little old school for adults. The only champ dancer that I can think of that really wears them when they contest is Bonnie. Maybe no one wants to bead for her anymore... you know how competitive pow-wows can get.


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