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    I'm saving my outfits for several of my boyfriend's daughers. Last year, I had to repace an outfit TWICE because one of the grew soooo much! Hopefully I'll have time to do a little beadwork soon.

    Get the pics up soon! :clap:
    snaf, snarf!

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    I'm going to make 2 regalias for one of my friends lil' girls. One is 9, she is a fancy shawl dancer. She follows everything I do, she's so cute. The other is 2, and she's jingle. I'm going to make hers a lil' big because she's growing fast! But she's beautiful. I have a pic of her in my gallery. It's good to pass your outfits down, it gives others a chance to get out there and show! That's why I give mine to my lil' sister most of the time. She kinda quit growing a lil' bit and she's smaller than me so now, I guess I'm just going to keep my stuff....;)
    My Grandma always said, "Take a person of each race, cut them open, we're all the same on the inside."

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    like me or don't, love me or won't,
    I won't change for anyone.
    Respect me for me-
    I respect you for you,
    live your dreams,
    one day it may all come true!"


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      Az 4 me

      Im jus busting tail on a new yoke. Gotta put the finishing touches on my shawl and all, cant wait for that moment when I put all of it on and strut around *Aye!*
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        I'm making my niece a new fancy set. Got all the beadwork done, just need a shawl and skirt. Now I gotta get my own stuff finished!! Gotta get those leggings done by March!


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