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Who is (was) your hero??

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  • Who is (was) your hero??

    Who were the ladies you liked to watch growing up??

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    While Growing A Child I Use To Like Watching Bonnie Tomasah And Lisa Ewalk...they Were Like My Favs And They Are Still Good Dancers Today....
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      Originally posted by }!{ tinkerbell }!{
      Who were the ladies you liked to watch growing up??
      And who would your heros be Tink?

      Myself, #1 is Grace HMH - she knows this too cuz when she emails me she signs off as "Your Hero" The lady has 3 kids and is still in better shape than most.

      #2 - Lillian Goodeagle - I have an old videotape of her dancing before her car accident. I love how she just looked like she floated and made it look effortless. I still have to get her a copy of that Plus she's so tough to still shawl dance, still do it well, with the injuries she's had.

      Honestly, the farthest we traveled when I was small was to Chicago powwow, so I remember what the ladies looked like and dressed like, but I don't remember any names.


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        Oh, man! Gracie HMH has always been my favorite dancer. Her style is so smooth and her footwork is just perfect! I love it that all I have to do is watch above all the dancers to pick her out by that one high shawl throw...and shes the craziest lady, too, so nice to everyone, and so funny.

        I also go way back, so Denise One Star used to be one of the greatest fancy dancers BEFORE she became one of the greatest jingle dress dancer! I got to see her fancy dance again last Oct, here at our Black Hills powwow during Cody High Elks special.

        Cody is another favorite, AAAAAAnd, she was the FIRST MIW....shes another lady who is just so sweet and nice to everyone, and her family raised her well, so she is exceptionally respectful.

        And to go even further back, I don't think many of you here will remember her, but up here in SD, ND, and probably MT, should remember the name Anna Fire Thunder. She was waaaay old school, and so great, for her time! She's passed on now, but I will always remember, as a little teeny fancy dancer, watching her and just getting so inspired. And that lady was gutsy, tough, and sooo cool. She had major attitude, but was very decent to everyone. She's one to remember!
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          Around here there was a Robin Standing Elk....? Anyway I used to love to watch her dance.


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            Who is (was) your hero?

            well for myself. raised around dancing most of my life. would be ...

            1. Kathy Fire Thunder, cause she always the nicest person, she would lift the dance floor and she would never change her style of feet work. It was always the same. And she was a good joker she would make everyone laugh to lift everyone spirits up. I will miss her very much, because she is not only a person that was always known as a fancy dancer she is also my god-mother and cousin.

            2. Gracie Her Many Horses, her and kathy were the best best best of friends. And i would sit there and listen to her and her stories when traveling with kathy. some funny ones. LOL anyways, she always kepted her style of beadwork close to or same as her beadwork and it would never change. the colors of back ground would be different but not the designs. I would be cheering her on. Sometimes we would request a song to try to confuse her. but naw she always took it with coolness. And did the best she could. I'm very very proud of her. cousin hang in there. ur doing a good job.

            These wonderful ladies cousin kathy and cousin gracie would always be my hero's.


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              dang it lakota wiyan stole all my idols! ha ha just kidding....

              Cody High Elk

              Ramona Roach

              Gracie Her many Horses

              You can't double team a Triple Threat

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              ps. i'm still the greatest~n i'm prettylol


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                Up here in Alberta Canada...

                Here in alberta i grew up watching:

                1. Patricia Piche... she was soooo good!
                2. Pamela Piche
                3. Jetta Martineau and all the Martineau girls

                Pat Piche is the reason i started dancing fancy in the first place!!


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