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    Here's one somebody just asked me about.

    Got o Wal-mart and back in the sewing section with all the little bits and peices they have bra fastner replacements! They usually come in two sizes. These work great for closers on beaded chokers when youwant a flush finish. I haev never heard of them coming undone, so I don't think anyone should worry about that part.
    Also these work good on boot keeper-uppers! I am referring to the High top moc boots that alot of traditional women dancers wear. Most the ones I've seen take a peice of elastic( like the kind you use for skirts bands) and stretch it to the size they need. Next sew on the bra fastners, and viola! Slip these on your boots to keep them up and then flip the top of boot over it and nobody is the wiser!!! THis is especially good if your legs get those really red wlts after a day of dancing.

    Next bit: Small beadwork backing!

    I usually do all my little detaily work on a piece of webbing either glued or heat-n-bond to a peice of brown paper bag! This works really great on crowns that have a more contemporary shape to them (likw swirls and points along the sides). You don't have to worry about edging your peice or keeping your beadwork from bunching up. This is really good for people who like the look of appilque beadwork but don't have the xpeirence to get their beads to lay flat! Use this to start working on and it will help show you what you are doing.
    * Caution* If you pull to hard your spot will rip.

    Next: Designing new stuff

    We all have problems with getting a design from our drawing to come out exactly right. Next time make a practice peice on a paper bag. This way you can decide what you like and where it should go without wasting material. The perk is once you've got your design how you like, you now have a pattern to go by! You can do this with your leggings, hairties, purses' and etc. Also, if you are placing an order with someone and want something a certain way, you can send your brown bag pattern as an example so that they know exactly what you want!

    I'll post more tips!
    If anyone else has some please post!!!
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    mirror images

    When working on a design that you want a mirror image of, use tracing paper. Just trace your design and turn the paper over. Tracing paper is also nice to use if you want to put an image in the middle of a design. ex. I used tracing paper when designing a dance purse. The design included an 8 point star with an eagle in the middle of it. I was able to follow the lines of the star when I started beading the background.


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      sorry i don't really have a great deal of experience to give some adice but can you clear up what you mean on the first part fancy star of your so helpful tips. thanks so much!
      ushoo' udish dee'


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