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    how often you usually make a new fancy dance outfit?

    just curious.

    who's makin one now and what colours?

    I'm makin one with mainly sky blue I guess almost florsent, with orange, red, white, and purple maybe.
    Haven't picked exactly what colors i want yet just started.
    Just put on your dancing shoes and dance til sun comes up.....

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    Anew beaded set every 2 years if possible. New shawl and skirts whenever possible!!

    I am getting ready to start one in fact this weekend!
    I found this awesome hologram silver material and am pairing it with a pretty turquise background with this awesome neon threads I found for edging detail designs!! I will also do red, orange, yellow,purple,and white in it!!

    I'll post pics when I get it done!
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      OOh sounds nice. I wish I new how to bead. Great colors.

      How hard is it to learn to bead?

      I have a small bead loom, but I don't really know how to use it lol. I'm tried thou.
      Just put on your dancing shoes and dance til sun comes up.....


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        i don't think i will ever get done with my first one. i always find someway to improve my outfit. so it takes a while to do that. then i find something else. one day my one outfit will have so many combinations. it will be a whole new outfit...without me knowing it. heh, yeah, and lack of imagination.
        ushoo' udish dee'


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          I usually get one made every other year... Right now I've got one going.. *LOL* I can't tell you the colors.. it's top secret:Chatter



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            fancy outfit

            I am finally doing one for my niece she is six and the colors are turquiose,yellow,silver & white. the designs are white background is yellow and blue outside color is silver, haven't yet decided how to design the shawl yet. i made her one last summer and she used that but is really growing fast! she grew out of her skirt already! I am doing the shawl and skirt on satin fabric.
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              I try to do 2 outfits per year. This past year, I didn't get to do any new ones because I was sewing 3 other outfits, 1 grass and 2 little girls fancy shawl. Hopefully, I'll get to the one I've been planing soon.
              snaf, snarf!


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                God bless your sewing machines ladies.

                God bless the singer.

                God bless your talent.
                ushoo' udish dee'


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                  and God bless the people living in the Czech Republic who make the best beads to work with......


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                    my thoughts exactly..God Bless the machine that CUTS the beads for my new beadwork, slowly but beadwork should be done by August, I HOPE!! :) I hope to do some sewing for Denver, wishing I had a new fancy shawl set done by then, new skirt and shawl...hmmm, not enough hours in the day...too much homework!!

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                      I usually....

                      I usually get one every two years. right now i am working on one. i haven't got a new one in awhile because i was taking a chance on keeping my old one going for along time. the one that i am working on right now is the material that my late grandmother bought me a year and a have ago. she died on october 27, 2002. and she wanted me to dance in those colours so i started to work on it again. I have alot of designs down on paper for new fancy and jingle dress and i hope to get a 1/4 of those made this summer, a 1/4 of it made this fall and a 1/4 of it made in the winter. by that time i should have about 20 fancy dance regailias made and 10 jingle dresses made. i am slowly learning how to sew right now and it is pretty cool. :) which i think is pretty good. I think that i will surprise alot of people from BC because i always keep on putting new designs on my two dresses that i have right now and i think that they will be happy with me and a new dress. :)

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                        oooh sewing machine. sounds great i miss mine, i'm sewin latetly with just hand sewing. my machine broke, then i got this protable one but it don' t work to great it bunches up in the inside after i sew it sucks. but i'm workin on gettin a new sewin machine soon.

                        oh ya all ur outfits sound great. gots to post pic when ur all done.

                        Just put on your dancing shoes and dance til sun comes up.....


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                          HOORAY!!! for sewing machines ... make things soo much easier to do! oooh yea and Heat and BOND LOL ...... and all the nice people at JO-annes that give me a discount on my fabric cause i always have to find some kind of flaw for that 10% off lol Jk


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                            Well, I got TWO goin at the same time. My pow wow colors are Red, Black, Teal, White, Silver and Mint Green *took out the pink, didnt like it afterall* All of my outfits are in these colors, been thinkin bout makin a jingle dress *with same colors* Silver lids would jus fall in perfectly.
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                              Since I'm making them for the kids, I usually make them one a year, because they grow like weeds.
                              I'm glad to read that y'all are making them at about this rate. I know this is goofy, but I was afraid that it would appear I was spoiling my nieces and nephews by making them a new outfit every year. I mean, I totally enjoy doing it, and it's an expression of my love for them, but I just didn't know how it appeared.
                              So, I just finished my nephew's new grass dance outfit (and he's so darned cute in it) and now I'm on to my niece's shawl outfit. She's chosen the color this time- purple, red, blue, and white- and I get to chose the design...something that I can acheive with my beginner's sewing skills.
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