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    Every two years I have a new beaded outfit made for my gurl, but I make shawls and dresses for my daughter before major powwows or when I get that creative streak going. I love to sew for my daughter and it shows in the outfits I make for her, I put a lotta love in what I do for her.


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      you peoples have a lot of great ideas for own outfit is made up of silver, black and the fringe is red blue and white...pretty simple but it was my first outfit and it look really good. i usually make an outift every two years depending on how fast on grow. but you peoples have nice colors and your outifts must be looking really good.

      have a nice day and may the creator bless you all:)
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        Originally posted by WRen
        Since I'm making them for the kids, I usually make them one a year, because they grow like weeds.
        I'm glad to read that y'all are making them at about this rate. I know this is goofy, but I was afraid that it would appear I was spoiling my nieces and nephews by making them a new outfit every year. I mean, I totally enjoy doing it, and it's an expression of my love for them, but I just didn't know how it appeared.
        So, I just finished my nephew's new grass dance outfit (and he's so darned cute in it) and now I'm on to my niece's shawl outfit. She's chosen the color this time- purple, red, blue, and white- and I get to chose the design...something that I can acheive with my beginner's sewing skills. from carolyn p.s. i thank you so much for making me a outfit long time ago....
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          I make new beadwork every year & i make 3 new shawls & skirts every month. the colors on muh latest outfit are bright green, bright pink,royal blue, black,& white.
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            I get one or two new outfits every winter..sometimes 3 if we make a jingle also!!


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