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I have no idea who these ppl are...

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  • I have no idea who these ppl are...

    Everyone is always talking about their favorite dancers such as Shibabe Hodge, Desiree Redhouse, Naomi Cleveland... I come from this little town in minnesota and I dance fancy shawl. But I have no idea who any of these girls are. I wish I could see them dance. What powwows do they usually go to???? Where are they all from???

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    Naomi Cleveland is from WI. You can find her at many pow-wow in WI,MN, all over the place. What part of MN do you live in?


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      well shibabe hodge is my cuz she usually goes to pow wowin in illinois,wisconsin and michigan she travels every were she is really good to.....
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        I live in some little old town called Cass Lake. It's up on the Leech Lake reservation.


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          You could probably see a lot of 'em at prairie island and meskwaki this year....maybe you should check those powwows out:)
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            LOL, Well its no wonder you really haven't heard about them until now because they are in teens yet. Naomi Cleveland is the daughter of Jerry Cleveland, Jr. from Baraboo, Wisconsin(little sister of Amber Rose Cleveland who is tearing it up in women's fancy) and also the daughter of Lisa Ewalk from Saskatchewan. The other two I have seen, but don't really know. Naomi I have known since she was born. she is tough as a teen and will be tough in women's because she is really smooth and has her mom's fluidity and head movement.
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